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  1. Hello, I need help. I have a 125 gallon tank with great levels that I diligently care for. This growth started to grow on my polar blue parrot’s fin and then on my angel fish and rainbow cichlid. My rainbow started to swell at the mouth abdomen, and eyes. I put him and polar blue in hospital tank with kanaplex for 72 hrs. The tank had an ammonia spike so I quickly put them back in 125. I added epsom salt to the 125 gal. 1/8 tsp per 5 gallons. Did I mess up by putting salt in my main tank? What should I do? I keep reading mixed ideas. 😞 please help. Thank you
  2. I have a 125 gal tank, could I do salt soak you think of it doesn’t improve or get bigger?
  3. All parameters are within normal range. I test it weekly.
  4. Hello, I was hoping someone could tell me what this swelling is on his pectoral fin. At first I assumed it was an injury since he is guarding babies, but then I think my angel fish has the same swelling. I appreciate anyone’s feed back greatly.
  5. Hello, I have become obsessed with aquascaping and would like to turn my tank into a high tech tank and get a co2 set up. Could anyone recommend a good setup for a 120 gal tank? Anyone have a favorite brand or any advice on where to buy from? I appreciate any input. Thanks
  6. Hello, I have been growing out polar blue parrot fish that I bred. My local pet shop said they would buy them off me once they are bigger. I’m wondering if anyone could recommend a price I should ask for these guys? I’ve never sold fish. How much of a profit do stores need to make to make it a good deal? I appreciate anyone’s input.
  7. Hello, I am fairly new to having a planted tank and I have become obsessed. I’m hoping to pick someone’s mind on lighting. I have a 125 gallon aquarium with a Finnex+ 24/7 HLC 38w light. I have it on a timer from 8am to 8pm. I’m wondering if A. Is that enough light for my plants (Amazon swords, crypto, jungle Val, Anubis, etc)? And B. Do I put it on max mode all day or is it ok to have it go through the 24hr mode where it starts at a low sunrise, full spectum in afternoon, and then darken for night? My plants are not looking too great right now and I’m wondering if it’s lighting. I use eco complete, root tabs, potassium, and EZ green. Please enlighten me. thanks, jenny
  8. What I really wanted to know was whether carbon or clearmax filter media would take the ph lowering effects of the peat and almond leaves away since it clears tannins. I want the benefits of the lower ph without the tannin colored water. Not sure if that’s possible.
  9. I am mostly worried about my angel fish. Also, I was under the impression plants do better with a lower ph.
  10. Hello, I live in the Midwest and my water is more alkaline. I have plants, American cichlids, and angel fish in my 125 gallon. Ph is normally around 8.2. I desperately want it at a 7.8 to create a thriving environment for fish and plants. I used the lower ph chemical first and it worked for 24 hrs or less. Did some more research and tried a big mesh bag of peat granules in my canister filter. That didn’t do the trick so I bought large catappa almond leaves crumbled them in a mesh bag and put in canister with peat. So, it works well but the tannin colored water is not my favorite look for my tank. I was wondering if I used a product like carbon or clearmax to clear up the tank and remove the tannins, will I also be taking away the ph lowering benefits of these products? Is it the tannins themselves that lower ph? Smart ones, please help.
  11. Hello all! I’m wondering if fasting my American cichlids once a week is recommended and healthy tor them?
  12. Thank you so much for your input! I really appreciate your time and knowledge. 😊
  13. Hello all! I have a 125 gal tank and my substrate is black sand. I found my love for aquatic plants recently and have around ten plants growing in the sand. I want them to thrive and feel like I would need a better substrate. I’m curious if I could just add Carib sea eco complete to my sand instead of changing out the entire substrate in my established tank?
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