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  1. Super interesting post, really appreciate you giving me your tips! Many of which I have not heard, very, very helpful-thank you for the thought candy!
  2. Currently there are bladder snails and one nerite snail that can handle the New York of guppy tanks. Two dropped out from stress after the first month but the third dug in and insisted on staying in the tank. The guppies killed the mystery snail. Ramshorn are awesome but unless I’m buying online I don’t have a store near me that sell them. Thanks for your very colorful response, what a fun read, but not very good advise for me really. I know the guppies need protein however I don’t need more guppies. I’m sure you’re aware that fish can survive on grass just as your teenager would, they may also go Lord of the Flies forced on a salad diet. That is clearly my issue, and while I would love to add more bio-load I’m going to try some other folks advice instead. But yea, go ramshorn snails and thanks again for the advice.
  3. Thank you all for your advise. I have stared feeding the guppies lightly as repeatedly recommended, I am doing a light feeding twice a day but they are still attacking snails so it doesn’t seem to be quelling their taste for blood. I did change my light timer to six hours a day. To answer the following folks: I change my water when my perimeters tell me to. I really am in this aquarium hobby for the plants so, currently, I check the perimeters once every ten days and change if needed based off the readings. But to be honest I have had issues with the nitrates in this tank. I took this tank from my sister because she was moving across the country and it was packed full of algae ridden plants that I wanted. I thought I could ploop a few snails in and fix it but no, the guppies went all serial killer. I know there are too many guppies which is why I test it more often then my other tanks but it’s cycling other then the nitrate that hasn’t been an issue with other planted tanks. My water perimeters before a water change are: pH 8.3 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate 40ppm I also know nitrates can be in tap water. I have just moved into a new home and my well water test to 0ppm nitrates with api test kit. My other two tanks are cycled so the plants help use up enough of the nitrates in between water changes but this tank I could do 50% water change and the nitrates stays at 40ppm. Here is a picture of my water from the tank this evening:
  4. I need some serious help with this new 30 gal. tank I inherited from my sister-in-law before she moved. It began as a goldfish tank, but is now only guppies. We still have the goldfish (Buckets) but had to buy a new tank for him because the guppies started eating him alive when I stopped feeding them to try and get them to eat on the algae. Next the guppies killed the mystery snail and stressed two zebra niriates enough to make them go belly up. Luckily they where alive when I found them and are living peacefully with Buckets. I want to get more algae eaters but am scared they will get eaten too. Here is what I am doing: -There is one olive niriate that is doing great in there along with a ton of bladder snails working overtime on the problem. -I dose Easy Carbon as recommended every other day -I turned the lights down to 8hrs a day from the 12 it was at. -I stopped feeding them, they seem more interested in eating ANYTHING besides algae including the weak ones. It has been over a month doing this and it is worse! I do have the other 30 gal, with the goldfish, should I swap the guppies and the gold fish and add the algae team that way? I’ve included pics of both. Thank you for any advice ❤️
  5. Thanks Kat, appreciate the snail insight. I've worked hard to keep my cycled tank going strong. Before this I had these guys in another tank that was set up for over a year with no issues, until I had to move it and it's wall cracked. This current tank has been set up for 6 months and seems to have finally made it to that steady point again.
  6. That's an amazing picture, I'll get some soon. But honestly, after doing some research and reading some comments I think she's just maxing out on life span here at just over a year of having her sadly. But defiantly thinking about breeding them in the future, they're just so much fun to watch in the tank.
  7. I use driftwood to keep it around 7.2, but right from the tap it is 8.0 so I do have to use a ph down when doing water changes. It took years to figure out how to stabilize it but it finally working by changing at most 1/3 of the water and putting in a ton of drift wood. I always keep records of my parameters that go back each week to help keep up with it.
  8. I've had him for a year. I just looked it up and I thought their lifespan was closer to 3yrs but I think you're on to something. Well at least I did what I could I guess....dang.
  9. That is so cool! I have never meet anyone who had family that use to live in the Dillon Reservoir but I grew up right next to and always was fascinated by the town underwater. To answer your question from forever ago (can you tell I'm bad with online communities lol) I really have only had the normal aquarium keeper issues. We have a sand dug well so for the most part I have really great water. Though recently my mystery snail has been giving me some issues that I think are linked to a calcium deficiency. Also there's only a petco up here so I have to make a three hour round trip to Denver for a quality fish store. Other then that I can't complain.
  10. Hi Everybody, I thought I had this one covered on my own, but the problem only seems to get worse and so I am reaching out for any experts opinions. I use well water that I have had tested and it comes back high in pH naturally as well as iron otherwise it is lower in minerals but not with in normal range. I keep up with my testing (pH, nitrite, nitrate, ammonia, ect) ensuring the water stays within proper parameters and copper isn't ever an issue. However, about four months ago I noticed my Mystery snail suddenly having some shell issues that I linked to a calcium deficiency. I have tried adding cuddle fish bones, boiled egg shells and bottom feeder pellets from a couple brands (Bug Bites and Hikari Algae Wafers) but instead of stopping the issue, she only seems to be getting worse while my bladder snail population is booming. I haven't been able to buy Repashy at any of my local pet stores, I know it's what is recommended through the forum. But at this point I am wondering if there is something more going on with her. She lays eggs like crazy and eats plenty. Anyone have any idea if I'm barking up the wrong tree? I have attached a picture for clarification. Thank you for your help, Lisa
  11. Thanks for the warm welcome and trust me I did have to ask forgiveness after having three set up for about six months. That was when we had to have “the talk” and when I got the office tank. It all worked out in the end 😂
  12. It’s my fourth set up but I feel like I’ve learned a lot from each set up. Thanks for the compliments.
  13. It’s all about it going right too, very nice work you under water gnome. You’ll have six tanks before you know it-kidding 😂
  14. You really have a green thumb! Love the variety of plants you have growing. Are you using extra for each new set up with some new to add some variety, or did they all get set up with new plants.
  15. What beautiful slices of nature, what type of plant did you mainly use on the driftwood in the first tank?
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