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Found 10 results

  1. I have two 20 gal planted tanks with Platies, Corys and Ember Tetras. We have well water that is very hard and we have a water softener system to reduce the hardness for household use. The GH in the house tap water is 0-25 ppm. I am fairly new to aquariums (about 6 months) and my tanks seem healthy. I use Easy Green fert for the plants. I have thought that a higher GH was better for livebearers so I have been getting water from a faucet outside the house that does not go through the softener system. I have also been using Wonder Shells. The GH in my tanks is 300 ppm. Ph from the tap is about 7.0. Ph in the tanks is 7.2 to 7.4. I would like to use tap water from inside the house for my water changes as opposed to hauling heavy water jugs. Can I use the tap water with the lower GH? Do I need to add anything to the tap water to increase the hardness. I asked at my local fish store and was told that it would be better to use the house tap water than the harder water. Is this correct? Advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  2. I have good well water here in Texas that is not too hard. I'm planning on implementing a water drip/change system that will use this well water. The issue I'm unsure about is the lack of Oxygen when it comes out of the ground. Should I stage/store the water prior to using in tanks? My tanks have 2 sponge filters and HOB to create surface tension; so is that enough to address the Oxygen in my well water?
  3. I have been keeping fish and plants in our well water here for 7 years. Until recently my plants either die or don't grow in my aquariums or pond. I have started to mix distilled water into my aquariums and my plants have started to grow better. The trouble is my pond holds too much water to try mixing distilled water in it. I believe my well water has a high ph and is very hard. Anybody have any ideas how I can treat my pond water so I can grow plants in my pond also? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me. Mark
  4. Straight to the point: I'm just about to move into a new place that is on a well, we signed for it already and have the keys. Today I moved the first load of crap to the place and brought back some water to give the ol water parameters check (API liquid test kits) because I figured the gh and kh would be significantly higher than my super soft municipal tap. Well, it is. But I'm also showing a slight greening in the ammonia and the Nitrate is wayyy to high. I can never tell the difference between 40 and 80ppm, but I'm pretty certain that's not good for drinking let alone fish keeping. So here's my concern, I gotta move, it's already happening. Best I can do is get a water sample to the lab in the morning with results likely not coming back until Monday. From what I found 10mg/l or ppm is considered safe for drinking. My question; is what my test kit showing accurate enough to ensure that when I start the conversation with the new landlord about this issue the lab results are going to be similar? I'd hate to raise this big stink only to have my water come back at 8ppm or something. Im kicking myself for not testing the water before signing but with the rental and housing market in my area we felt like we had to pounce or miss out. I'm afraid this is going to become quite the headache.
  5. Does anyone have experience with water softeners for well water? I’m worried the softener is putting too much sodium in the tap water for plants. May not be good for low/med light plants I’m planning to buy here. I’m confident I can add back the other minerals needed with frets. But no clue about the sodium. My tap water parameters are... 7 dPH, 7 or 8 dGH, KH is high - well over 200 ppm. I’ve not set up tank yet. Will be a 75 gallon tho. Lots of vals, crypts and octopus tho. Anyone with experience in this area? I live in MI. So hard, rusty water if I went straight from well. I don’t want to do that. Happy holidays!
  6. Hi Everybody! My name is Lisa. I am from Summit County, CO which has mining, skiing and tons of snow. I started my aquarium 2 years ago because I was told, “No more house plants!” by my hubby. So, to expand my plant knowledge, I began studying aquascaping. Thanks to Aquarium Co-Op my underwater garden is thriving. I’m here to learn even more. I started with a 5 gallon and a year of dialing in my well water and tank I ended up dialing in a smoothly running established tank that ran for nine months with out changing. But then disaster struck, when, while getting new carpet, my bed frame fell, bouncing off of me and falling diagonally onto my tank. Long story short I now have upgraded happily to a 10 gal. I do also have a 3 gallon at work, that really only has Java fern overgrowth, drift wood and nerite snails for cleaning. Why only two aquarium? Well remember that sweet loving hubby of mine. We all make compromises, but with that being said I do have a passion for my main tank and am hoping to reestablish that ecosystem I had in this new tank. Current Plants: -Java fern, both windelov and traditional -Java moss, what can I say, it’s quickly becoming a girls best friend. -Anubias nana petite, yea it’s coming along...I think... -Hydrocotyle tripartita ‘Japan’-just got this sucker but it’s perfect! -Radican Marble Queen Sword, growing some new leaves after the stress of the move -Ruffle Sword also got a massive trim and coming back. -Red Dwarf Aquarium Lilly, my absolute favorite! and tons of Marimo moss spread out on my driftwood. I do have a few fish: -mustard gas betta- you saw it coming. His name is O.D.B. He was chosen and named by my man. -a golden mystery snail-the chef Raekwon -a clown pleco- inspect the deck -a nerite snail- method man I do plan on completing my Wutang tank here in the future with the extra room but am waiting for everything to get established before doing that. With all that being said, Thank you all for the knowledge. Now, for the learning cycle to continue.
  7. Hi all I have 7 planted tanks: 4 tanks with a betta each, 1 29g with guppies and rasboras, 1 40g with rhads, and a 75g with orandas. I have a choice of using either well water or softened water. I've been using softened, but my plants have never done well no matter how I fertilize and they're all beginner, low light plants like Javas, anubias, etc. I've also read that softened water can be hard on fish long term. So, I would like to slowly change over to well water but my well water shows 1.0 for ammonia. If I treat it with Prime, will it detox the ammonia long enough for the established biofilters in the tanks to take over?
  8. I am really looking forward to seeing how Cory reacts to the harder well-water at the new place. I think many of the changes that we have seen in his videos, text, and business are gradual, measured steps. This change is different. I think having hard water in one space will be cool, and very informative. For soft water, I hear the advice about adding crushed coral. I have lived with hard water for years, where the crushed coral is from ancient reefs as limestone. For hard water, I like to include wood in all of my tanks. I don't have measurable soft water experience, so I can't compare. This is why I really look forward to Cory documenting this.
  9. This is my fresh-from-the-tap test. You can see nitrates are pretty high - somewhere between 20-40 (I can never tell the difference). I also suspect I have high iron. My plants seem to grow red really easily, including guppy grass, under relatively inexpensive lights. Hair algae is by far the most prevalent type and seems to be basically unstoppable. I do not regularly dose with fertilizer at all. I have not, so far, run into fish issues with this. My plants seem to grow pretty effortlessly. But I am mildly concerned and thinking I should maybe invest in actual well testing, and depending on the advice, an RO unit? I was recommended the coliform/e coli bacteria and nitrates test at $50, wondering if there are others I should select. OR, do I skip a step and look at reducing nitrates since wherever they're at, it's probably above what's considered healthy for drinking water? We have a water softener that is not currently in use as well. Looking for just general advice on dealing with this.
  10. I have hard well water and was wondering what would happen if I installed a water softener for the house. Is this safe for the fish? I currently have 3 tanks set up that have been up for 6 mo to 2 years.
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