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Found 9 results

  1. Hi I'm JP and I'm pretty new to all of this! I want to set up a tank for my young kids (4 and 6), so I want to make sure I'm doing it correctly! Looking forward to reading up on everything you all have to say!
  2. Looking for fish friends here in Northern California.
  3. Hello from Louisiana... Need help working this thing properly. When I went to drain the brine shrimp I got alot of the egg shells with the shrimp after letting it settle..what did I do wrong...little disappointed.
  4. Hi All, My name is Ian and I am Canadian but currently living in Louisiana. I’m looking forward to participating in the conversations here. Right now I have two aquariums. The first is a high tech shallow planted tank with Celestial Pearl Danios, Dream Blue neocaridina shrimp, and clithon corona snails. (The lily pipes desperately need cleaning but that will have to wait until tomorrow.) The second is a 3 foot low tech bookshelf tank that currently has a bunch of Anubias and some clithon snails but will soon be home to a pair of apistogramma mcmasteri and six Honey Gourami.
  5. I have a pond and am looking to put some crawdads in it. I was wondering if they will eat my goldfish, dojo loach, or mosquito fish? Also I have heard they will cut holes in the liner, is this true. Thanks
  6. Hello all new to the forums, somewhat newish to the fish keeping hobby though I've owned fish off and on when I was younger having tanks set up by my father for me had platies, mollies, bumble bee catfish which was in a small 10g hex tank I was really young and just fed the fish. Several years later around middle school my dad got me a 20g long and I had 5 turtles 4 red ear sliders 1 soft shell turtle which I nameed the red ear sliders the 4 Ninja Turtles and named the soft shell splinter just cause he was different from the red ear sliders. My dad at the time kept a 55g tank of cichlids that I have always admired so colorful and beautiful. I've also kept bettas but I kept them incorrectly keeping them in "betta" tanks that were like 1-2 gallons unfiltered unheated never cycled or used any de-chlorinators but that was my late teen years to mid 20's. So about 2 years ago I got a itch to get back into fish keeping. I started researching and learning quite a lot of info that I had zero idea about well I had a 5.5g tank that was doing fantastic with a betta though the first betta I got was in poor health not very active and unfortunately it died so I went back to the store and looking for a more lively betta and had one that was far more lively and was a joy to have. I also added a 20g which I got too excited with being a bigger tank and overstocked which I ended up killing a few fish and I ended up rehoming the rest before I killed them. One the betta died I set everything aside tried to sell it all but no bites must been overpriced to people. Anyway thats my history with the fish keeping hobby and I got very inspired to give it another shot always been a big fan of Aquarium Co-Op and I love Murphy!
  7. It's hot. And humid. I was gung-ho about doing an outdoor pond in the beginning of COVID quarantine, but I'm glad I held off, because I remembered how much it sucks to go outside right now. Anyways, I'm Stephen (pronounced Steven, not Steffen). I'm 35 years old and work for a large tech firm (remotely). I have a wife, two kids, two dogs, two cats, and seven aquariums. Started this hobby super-casually when I was in my early 20s, took a long break, and dove back in hardcore last August. All the money I used to spend building/upgrading gaming PCs now goes to fish keeping -- it's a better addiction that my wife wholeheartedly supports and enables, and one which I've forced upon my kids (they love their respective aquariums, but they won't be watching a fishtube livestream anytime soon). Right now I'm at the stage of the hobby where I just want to have all the fishes, so I have settled on a bunch of community tanks and breeding livebearers and cherry shrimp (aka putting them in a tank and letting them reproduce in spite of me). I'll upload pics of my tanks soon I'm sure.
  8. I'm setting up my first quarantine tank. I only use HOB filters on my other aquariums, but for simplicity and cost I want to use a sponge filter on the QT. I already bought the filter and pump from ACO and the 10 gallon aquarium, etc. My primary use for the tank is to use the med trio when I get new fish and secondarily for treating fish I currently have. I'm going to be adding a couple of more tanks in the house and I get nervous that a new $5 fish could possibly wipe out an entire aquarium. Here's my question\dilemma. I've never setup a QT before because I don't want to break it down every time after I put fish in it. I know depending on the situation, I will have to occasionally break it down and clean it. Does anyone keep their QT running full time? If so, how do you keep it cycled so it doesn't crash when you add a few fish? I was thinking of adding one or two snails and shrimp to help a little with the bio load and they are cheap, so if something happens to them, it's not too big of a deal. Any thoughts or suggestions or am I completely off base with wanting to keep it running full time? Ryan
  9. Hi! my name is Ariel, I live in New Orleans, Louisiana and I've been keeping fish all of my life.... but.... only have been keeping them correctly for about 2 years!
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