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  1. I have been doing a bit of google searching and agree with most items found on Amazon are smaller than what Cory has and also looks far less quality, I will keep searching and let anyone know if I find it
  2. Does anybody know where you can buy those large fake log decor from? Like the decor Cory has in lady birds tank and the new turtle tank. Appreciate the help,
  3. Hey Cory, Thanks for the reply. The bulkhead fittings are as follows. 3/4”drain to sump 1” drain to sump - think this is my emergency drain since it extends couple inches higher in my overflow box compared to than the smaller drain? 3/4” return to tank. Branches off to two adjustable flow nozzles in tank. This will be for freshwater only.
  4. Hey all, I recently purchased a 90 gal acrylic with a 30 gal sump. I’m going to use the tank for freshwater planted aquarium and was curious on recommendations for return pump size. I’m estimating approx 4ft head pressure. Tank was used and came with a QUIET1 9000 return pump which seems way more than is necessary and it draws 3.1 amps. Anyone have recommendations for a substitute that will be suitable for the tank? Ideally looking for one that draws less power and is quiet. Thanks for the help
  5. Appreciate all the inputs,this has been very helpful
  6. What brand would that one be? I want to get as big as I can but most I’m seeing under 65” limits me to around 75 gals
  7. Hey everyone. I’m looking at getting a new tank around 75-125 gallon. Need it to be no longer than 65”. Looking for recommendations on favorite brands. Looking at Marineland, aqueon and Topfin but nervous of the comments stating them leaking at the seams.
  8. Hey everyone, I was thinking of adding either german blue rams or possibly apistogramma agassizii to my 40 gal breeder community tank and was wondering through your fish keeping observations which ones did better in community tanks? I read multiple articles that said both breeds individually should do fine in a community tank given they have big enough space. Currently my tank has rummynose tetras, black neon tetras, serbai tetras, cory cats, and otto cats. Its is also heavily planted tank. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.
  9. The last breeding pair would lock lips like these ones do and spin in circles for a while. Both these and the last pair I had are cleaning the same area which I thought was going to turn into breeding. I do agree it seems like it may be 2 males though because no eggs have been laid.
  10. Hey guys, I have 2 striped angelfish that originally i thought were about to breed as they had the same behavior as my last pair of angels, but now it just seems as if one is a bully. They have been spinning in circles most over the past few days nipping at eachother and now one of them is hiding in a log and the other keeps going in the log and nipping at him/her. Is there anyway to get them to chill out? I have had them for 6 months and they have always been fine up until the last week. Would hate to have to return one as they are amazing looking fish.
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