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Found 6 results

  1. Hello I Was wondering if anyone is well versed enough to help me with these fish. They were sold to me as apistogramma agassizii tefe the seller seemed to think they might be tefe blue. It was sold as a w/c pair. https://youtube.com/shorts/c-kbRFohGuc
  2. They’re in a 20G tall. I wanna breed these guys so bad but the female seems to hate the male and he keeps chasing her. She can’t seem to get away from him. I’ve had these guys for months and she hasn’t shown spawning colors even once. I don’t know how old they are, maybe she could be a juvenile? Things I’ve done: - Given them little houses. They have two. One cave and one coconut shell, they don’t use them. - Fed her mostly freeze dried bloodworms, she loves them. - Increased the water temperature to 82F - Maintain the pH at approximately 7, I’m not chasing pH but that’s what they like - Given them some dither fish. I have a small school of cardinal tetras, a mystery snail, an Oto cat, and two male Endlers. Everyone else is happy and keeps to themselves. - The tank is moderately planted and has driftwood for them to hide under.
  3. I’m trying to breed these guys but she isn’t having any of it from him. She doesn’t seem to like him at all. The picture is of the female with a male for comparison. Any breeding tips beyond changing temperature? My heater can’t do that. They have 2 caves and lots of hiding spots. Edit: Realizing I should have posted this in the breeding section!
  4. Hey everyone, I was thinking of adding either german blue rams or possibly apistogramma agassizii to my 40 gal breeder community tank and was wondering through your fish keeping observations which ones did better in community tanks? I read multiple articles that said both breeds individually should do fine in a community tank given they have big enough space. Currently my tank has rummynose tetras, black neon tetras, serbai tetras, cory cats, and otto cats. Its is also heavily planted tank. Any information you have would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello, just starting a journal about this spawn of my apisto agassizii fire red pair. I’ve only had them for 1 week and they are in a 3.5 gal cube while they quarantine. And I saw the female in the cave I put in. And I checked it with my light and sure enough there are eggs, I typically artificially hatch all my fish just due to the fact I’ve had more personal success doing it that way. So I pulled the eggs and put them in a clean tank with 50% water from a established tank and 50% new. Heater and an air stone in front of the cave to try and create some water movement. And I replaced the cave in the pairs tank. And I checked back later that day and I must have caught them mid-spawn because She laid more eggs in the new cave. So we will see if the ones I pulled are fertile. And I’ll post my progress and steps as I go. Ps to a admin I am having hard time with the pictures loading in sideways.
  6. So I recently tried to raise the eggs of an apistogramma agassizii pair i have in another tank. I used both methylene blue and acriflavine to try and prevent fungus from developing on the eggs. I used the maximum recommended dosage as well. It seemed to not have any effect. Less than 24h after the pair laid the eggs and I put them in a different tank I already started seeing fungus on the eggs. In 48h the fungus had spread and engulfed both non fertilized and previously heathy eggs. I started treatment with methylene blue, and then switched to acriflavine, when it didn't seem to have an effect Did I do something wrong? What can I do to prevent such an aggressive fungus infection on the eggs? I'm at a loss here, because in less than 48h all eggs were inside a cotton like ball of fungus
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