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Tank convertion suggestions please

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We (My husband and I) decided (just a couple months ago) that I shouldn't expand our collection of tanks. I know for us that it's a smart choice, time and money wise. Our daughter then offered us her out grown 12"-14"-48". I have the perfect place for that in my office so my husband (great man that he is) conceded to, "one more, that's really it). We have a dedicated 20high for guppies. I was wondering if I could get some advice/suggestions for making this one tank to act as several for more selective breeding. I'm hoping for 3 at least to ?.

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2 minutes ago, HisMineandOurs said:

Would it matter how big each section is?

I would do over 5 gallons for each strain you are going to breed. This also depends on how many guppies you want in each section.

If you were to divide the tank into three equal sections, with each section being 6.67 gallons, I would say only a group of no more than three females and no more than two males.

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1 minute ago, HisMineandOurs said:

So the dividers that I can buy in the store would work? Should I have them all planted or bare bottom? Maybe I could make 5 sections with the middle section being completely planted. I don't know the math of that but it seems it would be dual purpose, interesting and filtering. Then maybe one male and 2 females?

Yeah I'd say three sections, each with a heavily planted area and substrate. The plants not only provide the filtration and aeration benefits, but will also provide hiding places for the young fish and the adult females to hide from the males. And yeah, a trio of fish would work fine.

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