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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all, At this time I've hit my maximum on aquarium realestate. I can't find a new spot to put an aquarium without driving the people I live with mad. At the same time, I'm also enjoying the fruits of breeding fish for profit, and I'd like to continue expanding that side of my hobby. My fish for profit tank is a 40B with a fancy strain of dumbo guppies that have been very prolific as well as some bristlenose plecos I've been growing out for a year that are on the cusp of sexual maturity. I'd like to add another strain of guppies to my profiteering set up, but I don't have room for even an extra ten gallon. So, my thinking is to either put a divider in the 40B or upgrade that 40B to a 55 I have sitting in storage with one or two dividers in that one. I've been eyeing the dividers that Flip Aquatics sells, thick sponges designed to keep shrimp strains from cross breeding. I figure if they're good enough to keep baby shrimp from crossing over, it might be good enough to keep two strains of guppies from crossing in the same tank. So, my questions for the forum are: What are your experiences with Flip Aquatics' tank divider? Can they be installed on a drained but not dry tank? Would they work with undergravel filters? Would they be effective in keeping fry from crossing over? Any alternatives to this product that would have a similar effect? Pictures of your setups would also be great. Thanks!
  2. We (My husband and I) decided (just a couple months ago) that I shouldn't expand our collection of tanks. I know for us that it's a smart choice, time and money wise. Our daughter then offered us her out grown 12"-14"-48". I have the perfect place for that in my office so my husband (great man that he is) conceded to, "one more, that's really it). We have a dedicated 20high for guppies. I was wondering if I could get some advice/suggestions for making this one tank to act as several for more selective breeding. I'm hoping for 3 at least to ?.
  3. We’re working with a 5th grade class on a guppy breeding project. We’ve got a beautiful 33 gal long aquarium. It’s housed a bunch of Livebearers this year. The class is interested in breeding 3x different guppy strains, and 3x different neocaridina color forms. We’d like to set up tank dividers. They’re not cheap... and not all are that secure at keeping fry from crossing. I’m curious: have any of you come up with ingenious DIY tank dividers??
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