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New Pea Puffer

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I have had this 5 gallon tank set up since Feb. I saw some pea puffers at the LFS, and thought.. okay.. its time. I did clean out this tank a bit of the wood, because it was difficult to keep it all clean in such a small space.  I selected the most chunky money of the group, but they all looked quite good to be honest. 

Brought him home, and left the lights off for a few hours. He spent most of his time cautiously looking around but staying in the back. a few hours in, he started to come to the front of the tank. We have a huge TV, and hockey was on.. and I think he was checking out all the action and colors. This morning he is still doing well, and beginning to check out the tank more and more. 


I have 3 anubias in there glued onto stones (makes cleaning very easy in a small space), a Banana plant, as well as grass and heavy piece of drift wood. 

What is everyone's thought of the tank? I tried to get a good picture, but its a bit hard with the glare off the back windows/doors. 

I didn't feed him yesterday, but have blood worms ready to go and planned to feed him today. 


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@Colu How long are thawed blood worms good for if keep in the fridge? I just gave him some, and he is eating some of them..I did not put a lot in there.. so I will watch how he does.. Next time I will cut a bit off the cube that I need.. and keep it in the freezer. I have never used these before so not sure how I am supposed to feed with it.. 


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@Colu okay cool.. is it okay that he didn't eat them all? Should I take them out? or wait and see if he eats them? at the LFS they would just put a whole cube in there.. and leave it for them to eat.. but the only thing I will leave in my tank is a algae wafer, so my snails can eat later in the night..its usually all gone by the morning..

I used long tweezers and put them in there and some flew around and others sank to the sand..hope I did it correctly

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Frozen blood worms brine shrimp you could try hikari vibra bite's as they look like blood worms some pea puffers will eat there will also eat live foods such as black worms brine shrimp blood worms daphnia  I would recommend getting a small tank maybe 2.5gallon to keep a snail colony so you have Reqular supply 

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