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  1. I can't wait to see the fish in here! What a delightful tank 🙂
  2. The shrimp like to gather on my anubias under the feeding ring during breakfast. They make a happy little shrimp tree.
  3. @theotheragentmI don't know about anybody else, but I also know that I have an easier time catching when the lights are off outside of the tank. At least my fish seem very aware of anything outside of the tank, so taking down some of the stimuli seems helpful.
  4. Our first guppy babies are maturing! Meet our first male survivor. He just found his courage a couple days ago and now happily zips around the tank. We call him Rocket:
  5. I do the same as @Guppysnail. I mix in untreated water with softened water to hit a sweet spot for the guppies. They definitely need that hardness.
  6. I second Daniel. Sounds like you have lots of places for beneficial bacteria to hang out and that your plants will take care of the cycle. Bummer on the filter, though.
  7. Welcome! Glad to hear you're helping out bettas. Good luck 🙂
  8. Nothing reminds me of how very much fish are aware of what's outside the glass as trying to catch a photo!
  9. Now that we have been up and running for some time, I'm really loving the rhythm of plant trimming, cleaning, and feeding. With such a heavily planted tank, parameters are very stable and everyone is breeding like crazy! And with stable parameters, I'm not having to clean heavily or often anymore. The clean up crew keeps the algae at bay and the plants keep the water cycle moving.
  10. Our LFS is about an hour away. We have a local pet store closer than that, but their business practices are really sketchy. We have a PetSmart in town, and we're very lucky that they have a very knowledgeable small animal / aquatic manager. She's done an excellent job for us.
  11. He stole a bit of fish food and is now quote "hiding" in the Monte Carlo. I don't have the heart to tell him that being bright blue isn't giving him much cover 🙂
  12. Hey all! I was at my local fish store and found these beauties in the image below. The store has them labeled as glass fish, and while I know the internet is a plethora of information, I was wondering if anyone has actual experience keeping them. What kinds of things do they need? Are they pretty good for a beginner to only slightly experienced fish keeper?
  13. @lefty o She did!! Here's one. They have been doing an excellent job hiding!! Now we can't stop seeing them 🤣
  14. I second that. I always test my tap water every 6 months or so to know what qualities are going into my tanks. From what I understand, and that may not be much, KH is largely important to maintain stability, but if your tanks are staying stable as they are, I wouldn't be too worried about it.
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