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Sunset Honey Gourami with bumps on side and below eye. Which antibiotics should I try or is our sweetie a goner? :(


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We have had her for about 6 months. Nothing new added. The pair of them love micro pellets 4 times a week and live blood worms once a week. Temp is about 73 and is a 8.5 aquarium set we got at Aquarium coop which is established, had around 5 years.Use testing strips from the shop so do not now actual PH. Everything on the strip is a ok, but water hardness is a little harder than usual. Will do a large water change and if that doesn't reduce, will remove a little crushed coral in filter bag.

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Your pH is on the high side for honey gourami's they prefer 6.5-7.8 I think it could be the start of a viral infection  drawf gourami's can get dwarf gourami  iridovirus here some pictures gourami with it they gets lump and bloating and then scales start to fall off later on as the it progress I could be wrong it could be a bacterial infection I would treat with maracyn if they is no improvement and it start to show any of the symptoms I mentioned you would have to consider euthanizeing him  they are no treatment for dwarf gourami iridovirus 



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This is unlikely iridovirus, as it mostly only affects dwarf gourami. This looks like hemorrhagic septicemia. Most likely the bacterial variant. I would dose with Kanaplex or Maracyn 2. It needs to be oral dosing. 

Have you ruled out ammonia burns?

I'd also raise the temperature, 73 is iffy. I'd go 76 to 78.

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How would you both treat with Maracyn? We were told to treat a bit different from the package but Robert must be off today and don't know what to do.

Here was our message to Robert,

You helped us the other day getting medicine - Maracyn - for our Sunset Honey Gourami.

Wanted to be sure we are medicating correctly because what I think what I heard you say might be different from the instructions on the back of the package.

We are going by your direction of every 2 days do a small water change and then add more of the Maracyn.  And do this for a week. 

Is that correct?

Or should we follow the directions on the box which say to add it everyday for 7 days and there is no need to do a water change unless testing the water shows things getting out of the normal ranges. 


BTW One of the bumps looks smaller after two days!


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