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Treating new quarantined plants to prevent hair algae?


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I currently have a 5 gallon and 10 gallon planted display tanks, and I am setting up a 55 gallon display, 5.5 gallon fish quarantine and 2.5 gallon plant quarantine.

After 10 months with no hair algae in my 10 gallon, it began having hair algae after I placed two new plants from a shop near me. Its been a nightmare ever since. Nothing else was changed within this time period either.

How can I properly insure plants that I quarantine will not introduce hair algae into my 55 gallon?

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There are some products that will treat algae. Fritz has a treatment for string algae and it may work for hair algae, but isn't invert safe. I know some people will treat their plants with cupramine to prevent pests from entering their display tank, possibly you could use an algae treatment on your purchased plants?

If you want to go a more natural route I'd suggest having organisms known for eating hair algae in your setups. Amano shrimp are great for this purpose and are large enough that most fish won't bother them.

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My plan is this. There is a second video with plants, with that string/thread algae, and it is the same. Just check out the before and after....

UPDATE: my amanos were COMPLETELY ineffective. Laziest shrimp ever. They just sat on the sponge filter and then stole fish food. Your milage may vary...

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