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Make your own drip acclimation line


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If you know a nurse, this is a great way to recycle IV drip regulators.  When I was nursing I would bring a few home just because I knew I could find a use for them somewhere.  They will fit on aquarium airline and work great for drip acclimation.  Better than tying a knot in the line as some Youtube's suggest..  

The blue plastic clip is simple and works well.





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Lots of things from nursing, and from nursing school have applications in the aquarium hobby. I still use my old Microbiology book in conjunction with the Fish Health books, the plastic syringes are great for measuring anything from ferts to fish meds, or to fill up the distilled water in the CO2 bubble counter, old hemostats can be used while trimming plants if you don't have tweezers handy, as @Trishsaid the air lines from oxygen tanks are compatible with air pumps, pill cutters can be used to split tabs, and I've been using old IV drip tubing to acclimate shrimp since before I saw them for sale for the aquarium. I remember super glueing the tube to a plastic hanger's hook so I could hang it over the aquarium glass. These are just a few.


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In binge watching Foo the Flowerhorn, I learned about a DIY method that seems super easy: Take a plastic water bottle with an airline tubing-sized hole near the bottom of the bottle. Glue airline tube to the hole. Attach one of Aquarium Co-Op’s air-valves to the tubing. Place a small board in the corner of the tank and adjust the new fish bag under dripline of bottle on the board. Fill with the contraption with tank water and let gravity do its thing. 

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