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Antics with Bettas

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WA!! This is a new thing!  The betta log is new to my set up.  The betta was the first to claim it (he definitely owns it and sleeps in it, hangs out in it etc).  Nobody used it when it was free floating so I moored it to the corner with fishing line and electric tape.  But so far the Panda Garras have used it when the betta isn’t looking but this time I noticed the betta hanging around the outside of the log as he does sometimes but my spiny eel was poking her head out.  And then the betta went in with her and didn’t kick her out, but looked her over and left her be??😅  

I have just not seen this before.  The betta is new and I have been hoping he wouldn’t pick on the eel.  He does chase the Panda Garras a little but they don’t care. 😄

I am working on names for these two if anybody has ideas...



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17 minutes ago, Daedalus said:

Gotta pick a buddy cop duo name for them like Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Or the lethal weapon guys

Murta and Briggs at least I think that's how you spell the first name. Can name them after the two detectives from LAs Finest the Bad Boys spinoff TV series

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22 minutes ago, Maggie said:

How cute! I got my betta two logs (floating and on the bottom), but he currently has a serious crush on the thermometer. He rotates between that and other items in his aquarium. 


Rotates is right!!🤣. They are so funny!

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Oh my goodness the betta and the eel are amazing!! Who would have thought they’d hang out together? Fish are so cool.

@Maggie your betta reminds me of one of my yo-yo loaches who is obsessed with circling things—the large suction cup holding the log down, the heater, etc. He gets in the zone and just zooms around and around for ages. For a while I was wondering if it was a sign he was bored out of his mind. But he has other interests too so I think it’s okay. 😅

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