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So a rather unique opportunity has presented itself. The 33 gal tank I'm redoing gave me a surprise - a single surviving guppy fry! As it's been growing, I believe it is female. Because she's the only survivor, I know she is a virgin which is rather rare with female guppies, right?

I think I need to seize this opportunity and get her a boyfriend. Because I know he'll be the daddy, I'm looking for a spectacular male. Any ideas on where to find one? Suggestions on line? Etc.

Female is a dragon mosaic much like this female:

Dragon Mosaic Guppy (Poecilia reticulata), Tank-Bred!

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Hi @Kalita I have had luck on Aquabid buying from sellers with high positive feedback.

I was curious and just looked through some listing on Aquabid.  Someone is selling some "Midnight Galaxy" guppies and they look legit!  I assume they are a relative new seller as they have a lower amount of feedback, but it might be worth the risk for these fish.

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9 hours ago, Randy said:

Hi @Kalita I have had luck on Aquabid buying from sellers with high positive feedback.

I just signed up yesterday! I'll have a look - thanks for the tip!

9 hours ago, Brian said:

Just remember she still carries the genetic makeup of her parents....   

So, you might know what male is the “Daddy” (feels like an episode of Maury, sorry) you still can be in for a surprise once you grow out the fry.   To me sounds like fun.    Good luck and keep us updated.   

True! I had her parents though not exactly sure which ones they were (yes definitely Maury-like!). I like how hardy they were, especially this little one. It will be fun for sure! 

21 hours ago, KBOzzie59 said:

Two great sources that come to mind.

I'm in Canada so that's definitely limiting! 

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