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Blood Parrot male+ Severum female wigglers


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I know Blood parrot males are supposed to be sterile, but they did it. I have wigglers, I saw the tail coming out of the egg...

because the mother Severum was trying to eat eggs ( probably the white ones) and the Parrot dad and her were locking lips I had to the the out of the tank (before they hatched) .

I have the rock with the wigglers in a 5 Gallon with heater and airstone.

What's the best practice from here? Should I move the Parrot dad in with the wigglers?


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Well, if you are wanting to keep them alive, you can just let them hatch, and feed them...You will need to do frequent water changes, and remove any dead eggs or fry as soon as you see them. I don't know that a Blood parrot dad is going to eat the babies, but I don't know that he wont. Fish eat fry in response to stress, moving him to an unfamiliar tank might provoke that, or it might not. But the 5 gallon will stay cleaner without him, and I don't think the fry require him, so I would leave him out. I learned most of what I know about pulling eggs from watching ACO videos of @Dean’s Fishroom and @Fish Folk's videos, so that is a good place to start I suspect. 

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1 hour ago, LiorM said:

What's the best practice from here?

This is a step we took with Angelfish and with Electric Blue Acaras. In principle, it should work for you too. However, if you get fungus, you will need to fight it off. We use over-the-counter 3% H2O2. 1 ml. per gallon to fend off fungus. Dose every 12 hrs for 3x. In the 5 gal ,don't spray it directly on the eggs, just get it into the water column. You can also use Methylene Blue. It will tint everything and stain any clear silicone blue. A Catappa leaf might help to raise tannins too. 





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