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  1. Hi all, Trying to get a shy pea puffer to eat, I got her some live brine from my LFS. I realize they only last for a few days, what do you think is the best way to keep them, in the refrigerator or outside at room temp? should I close the lid if keeping outside? should I add a bubbler? Thanks!
  2. Any tips to increase fertility for Male severum? Spawning is not an issue, actually been trying to slow the female down to give the male time to recuperate. he's fertile for sure cause had wigglers, but so far it's one for 8 tries. he does hover over the eggs, so seems like he's into the whole process, just most times eggs remain unfertilized... Thanks!
  3. Yeah, they never quite liked the Hikari algae wafers here either, didnt go for the zucchini, I'll try cucumbers today...
  4. It's been 5 days, so pretty unusual for them. Just remembered to try Polyfilter which removes toxins (plant nutrients) and metals, so also added that to the HOB. any ideas or snail treats ideas to coax them would be great!
  5. Do you like to eat frozen food, wouldn't you prefer it to be nice and at least room temp? 🙂 But in all seriousness, fish don't generally feed on frozen food , even captive raised, so I would suggest to defrost
  6. Got a bunch of unhappy Rabbit Snails. Had to treat their tank with Ich-x so removed them out for a few days. They didn't like the move but were still eating. After treatment was done, I water changed two large 50% changes, added carbon to the HOB, and ran Purigen in it, still they are lethargic ever since moving into their original tank. Other Ramshorn snails, and an extra large Mystery snail are fine and eating, moving around, but the rabbit snails didn't eat, barely moving. Water parameters are fine, Nitrates under 20...any ideas??? Thanks!
  7. LiorM

    Zit ?

    Thank you! Will do!
  8. LiorM

    Zit ?

    My Geopagus has been getting for lack of a better word "Zits". it's not ich, there's always just one. I dont see any lesions and these come and go away. hole in the head ? when these zits go away they barely leave mark. it's an established tank, no bullying, no recent fish addition, in the past all fish were dewormed, I run plenty of filteration+ purigen. Any ideas on what these are and how to help these go away?
  9. Been keeping fish for a couple of decades but first time having Uarus. They seem to have developed ich, but, I saw a mention of them having white dots on their body that LOOK like ich but is just part of their scales. Anyone has specific experience with this issue and Uaru? again, I know what ich looks like, and good with treatment, just don't want to treat needlessly Thanks!
  10. These are very good point about the Dad being stressed, and 5 Gallon maintenance, thank you!
  11. Hi, I know Blood parrot males are supposed to be sterile, but they did it. I have wigglers, I saw the tail coming out of the egg... because the mother Severum was trying to eat eggs ( probably the white ones) and the Parrot dad and her were locking lips I had to the the out of the tank (before they hatched) . I have the rock with the wigglers in a 5 Gallon with heater and airstone. What's the best practice from here? Should I move the Parrot dad in with the wigglers? Thanks!
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