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34 minutes ago, LLT said:

about how many pounds of gravel and how deep should it be for a 29 gallon? TY

I personally prefer a thick layer I have 60 in most of mine but you could do 30 I would say and it would look decent some plants need a thick substrate layer so It depends 

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I would start with 1.5"-2".  How deep depends on what the rest of you plan is.  Different gravels have different weights by volume. If you want to just cover the bottom of the tank than a minimum of 1" will look ok.  If you are adding rocks, other natural features, than they may need to be partially buried to look natural.  If your plan includes plastic or live plants than you have to plant them deep enough to hide the base or for the roots to grow..   Gravel doesn't have an expiration date. You can save any extra for your next aquarium.

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