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What is the best carpeting plant

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I'm going to mention a less common plant used for carpeting but I really like "tropica"  parviflorus echinodorus.   I might be mistaken but I believe there are two versions of this plant the "tropica" version is approx 2 inches high (shorter than dwarf stag); and the non 'tropica' version is approx 4 inches high. I can't take a picture right now as lights are out on the tank (night time for the fishes 😉 ) but this plant has a much large leaf than dwarf sag or pygmy sword and a darker green but it is very short. I've had my plants about 4 months and they are now just beginning to send out runners so carpeting will be very slow and take a bit of effort - my guess it will take about 2 years to get a decent carpet on my 40 - but i've been slowly pulling the dwarf sag as it spread because imho it is a much nicer plant.

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