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Found 7 results

  1. I'm looking for a good carpeting plants for my 125. I'm thinking about going with Monte carlo. What would be the best way to get this to spread fast without the use of CO2? Should I use root tabs? Just dose ferts like normal? The only other plant I grew a carpet with successfully was dwarf saggitaria. Any tips or other plant suggestions would be much appreciated.
  2. I'm trying to get a Hairgrass carpet for this aquascape I'm making. But I have no idea if this is enough room for it to work. The sand is from Petco with eco complete plant substrate. The water is mostly the eco complete fert and a little tank water from my main planted tank. So will this work, if soo what should I be doing to really get it going If this will not work, is there a way to make it work. Also I will soon be adding easy green once everything is settled.
  3. I want to grow a light lawn for my 55 I don’t know much about plants so I don’t know what to look for thanks in advance for your help
  4. I planted the monte carlo in my 5 gallon to see if it would carpet without co2. Its been a few months and nothing yet. Now time to try something esle. I need help on choosing what kind of plants to put in here. It houses one betta named Hugo. Floating plants are illegal where I live.
  5. I have a tank with cories and I want carpeting plants in it too. I have left some parts just gravel for the cories to dig around in. Is there a carpeting plant that can't be easily dug up and looks good at the same time. My tank is being fertilized(substate too), has moderate to high lighting and will have co2 injection(soon). I am just worried that if I plant the new plants and their roots are not anchored the may just float away when the cories dig there. I'm open to any plant suggestions!
  6. Moss mat question I saw some suppliers sells moss attached to square mat (wire??) like this https://aquaticarts.com/collections/moss-plants-on-mats/products/java-moss-mat to place onto substrate. My questions are.. When you place mat on the gravel, you just place on top and wait for it to grow ? When you want to gravel vacuum, can I move the moss mat around to clean under the wire? Or as time goes by, it grabs substrate and I cannot move it around easy like driftwood with moss? Over time, would the moss mat develop rust or something that might cause shrimp in the shrimp tank at risk in the tank? No worry about rusting? I have not bought it so I do not know what to expect. It just that moss carpet looks real nice and would like to try someday in my shrimp tank..
  7. I saw somewhere, not sure where now that you can clip wisteria back and back and it will spread as a carpet. Is this practical and has anyone tried it? I've got some in one of my 10g and it's growing really well. I would like a carpet (ground cover) without having to resort to CO2 and I like the look of wisteria quite a bit.
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