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What size tank for clown fish

Chiclid addict

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Clown Fish?  Are you referring to a saltwater clown fish?  There are like 25 or 30 different species not counting all the color morphs.  Some of them can get a pretty good size.  
Anyways I would not put them in anything smaller than a 20 gallon.  
Also remember the larger the aquarium the more stable it can be and the longer you have if things start to go sideways...

Good Luck 

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I’m going to suggest you’re a saltwater newbie (nothing wrong with that) and say 20gal. Not for the fish, but for the tank. In a 20 gallon you won’t have as major salinity swings when water evaporates. Also I’m going to assume that if you want clownfish, you will want the classic anemone/clownfish pair and anemones like stable parameters 

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