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  1. Ok so I just rescued a betta it came to me in a 1 gallon and I will have to stay in there for a bit until I can get his tank to cycle but I think I want it to be a planted tank with a carpet and a lot of plants as for stocking I want the betta some shrimp but I don’t know what else the tank is a 10 but I wasn’t prepared for the fish to come to me it was unexpected but it was in a horrible situation before I tested the water when I First got it and I don’t even know how it was alive but what plants would you recommend I want it to look something like this
  2. I know I’m late but I say do it room temp doesn’t matter it’s tank temp of below 70 but above 60 if you can’t get that with out other things Ice is the way to go but it a pain in the you know what in the long one you should look in to a diy one
  3. I have never had the bubble issues but I am saying that mine all have extra sloppy seams
  4. Yeah they can be pretty sloppy as they are mass produced and therefore have less quality control but I’ve never had and aqueon tank leak I will post some pics of mine I have a 55,29,10 all of witch are aqueons but some of my marine lands are also like that
  5. So I have and axolotl that needs to be below 70 but my house during the day can get up to mid-high 70s sometimes breaking into the 80s and obviously this isn’t ok for him and I need a way to cool his tank ASAP it’s a 40b
  6. My lfs is a 2hr drive I do have a good family owned pet store that takes great care of and only hires experts for there fish and reptiles but I have a petco I believe is worse than yours too basically what you said but x10 and add rude employees and they charge about double the prices on the petco website so I always price match witch makes them extra mad at me
  7. So I have a rope fish that I discovered today in the filter bucket of my hob he some how got swam up the outflow part against the current and then when I found him and tried to get him out he jumped out of the tank and I’m worried he might do this again and I might not find him until it’s to late
  8. It’s an aqueon hob filter meant for a 30g but the tank is a 10g and there is extra media in the filter when I get a chance I will re test
  9. So I recently saw this video saying this fish liked being picked up and I am having a hard time figuring it out and I was hoping someone here would know also no this isn’t my video https://youtube.com/shorts/Yf6Q2up8eiM?feature=share
  10. I honestly have no idea I’m trying to figure it out to the only thing I can come up with is a faulty test since this tank just had a water change on Friday the only other thing I can thing of is the tank is bare bottom for a baby axolotl so there is no bb in the substrate since well there is none also I know it can’t be over feeding since there is no extra food in the tank since it is tong fed and I take out poop as soon as I see it
  11. I’m trying to figure out what this reads it looks between 20-40 but it also looks like 160ppm witch makes no scene because I changed the water on Friday
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