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You're lucky. Here's a photo of mine when it arrived on 1/06/2021 and also a shot of it this morning 3/05/2021. The only difference is mine is now wetter. No growth at all. It's not rotting, so that's good, but it's not growing either. It's just sitting in a big old hole I made in the middle of my planted tank for it. I pulled it out and put it on a paper towel to get a better photo. I've rotated it. Examined it frequently. And nothing. It just sits there. I'm to the point where I'd almost want it to rot so at least I'd know it won't grow. Word of advice to potential buyers, don't make a hole in your planted tank for the lily until you know it'll grow. Otherwise you may be staring at that hole for a couple of months or longer. 





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Mine has gone past the fuzz stage and is just a large brown lump now.  I check it every day hoping to see some sign of life, but there's nothing. It's not rotting, so that's good, but it's also not growing.  I'm to the point where I want it to do something. Grow, rot, just change in some way. Two months of nothingness is getting a bit tedious.

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