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  1. I can promise you cory would never have joey on .Joey has said some incredibly ignorant and derogatory things about him.I unsubsidized to his channel when I heard the things he said.
  2. Actually I belive the fluval 3.0 would be enough If you have extra finnex's by all means put them on.There are many good vids on how to get the most out of the fluvsl 3.0.Check out Bentley Pascoe's youtube channel. He is a master aqua horticulturalist and has done a few good tutorials on that light and many other subjects also
  3. Yea basically same here,same issues.Im not gonna have a carpet of dwarf baby rears I call say that for sure or even glossigstigma (sp)
  4. 65 gallon my bag.24 inches deep which is important dimention on this topic.3binches deeper that a 75 and a 125 and same depth as a 90 By the way a 75 is 21 8nches deep and from what cory Mc elroy has said the fluval3.0 is much more powerful that the finnex24/8
  5. I hate being right sometimes especially when it's gonna cost me $200 for a light that will give med to high light at the lower levels of a 66
  6. I think one thing here that is being overlooked or may just be wrong and that is regardless of how many lights if the lights are a low light led than it's not going to make it to the bottom of a tall tank.The 3 lights don't just add up and push the par up at lower levels in the tank.Am I being understood?or crazy.Honestly I wish I were wrong so I could just keep 3 nicrews on a 65 i have rather than spend the $200 on a fluval 3.0
  7. Any suggestions on a good light for a heavily planted 65 gal tank.24 inches deep I believe. I have a finnex 24/7 that I run on full intensity and a nicrew planted plus on full but I don't think I'm getting the penetration I need.How about the 36 inch fluval 3.0 ? Or any other light.
  8. I've found the 24/7 cycle to be much less light than I want.I keep it on full
  9. I'm setting up a 65 and have a stand that works except at the 4 corners of the stand there are half inch bumps shall we say.Im thinking a piece of wood cot to size so that aquarium has full support.There are so many options at home depot.Im thinking half inch laminate pine.Its about the most expensive. Lays totally flat.Any thoughts?
  10. Wish I had the answer but I don't I'm a low yeck guy,but the PSO grows like mad.Does the same for friends I give it to.
  11. Pogestamon stelatus octopus will grow like crazy regardless of what you do or do not do.Ive been in the hobby for 53 years and can definitively say its the fastest growing easiest to propagate plant I've ever come across. It's been my first suggestion as a plant to anyone looking into having a planted tank.
  12. I'm with lefty.Just tuck them underneath the plants .If using easy green you could punch a pinhole in them to help insure they stay down.Not a big issue for me though.Once in a while one may float up but just grab it and put it back
  13. 1hr and 20 m8n.but pretty much don't go there unless I want to get$3.50 each store credit for my neos.There is of coarse a petsmart and petco but I buy most of my fish online.
  14. Presently other than the shrimp I have about 8 feathrtfin rainbows.Never appear to have been a problem. They have very small mouths.
  15. Tks the tank is super heavily planted 30 gallon and I don't want to lose any as a LFS gives me $3.50 each store .I have no idea how many I have but don't Want to lose any.Also were speaking on the pleco or siamese algea eaters
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