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Hi all i have a 36 gallon bowfront.

I had moved a new pearl gourami in and he had immediately shown signs of fin rot and fungus. I got the quarantine Trio to use on my fish. I have 3 problems

1. I started off using Pima and mela fix but then found out they are not good for labyrinth fish due to the tree oil. After 2 days  i stopped using this i started doing daily water changes until the quarantine trio came in 3 days later, so 3 straight days of water changes after i stopped dosing pima and melafix

2. Ich-x says to do a water change before every dose, but Maracyn says to not. In aquarium co-op’s video it said they go great together so I tried it to urgently help my fish but now am not sure on what to do.


2. After 2 days of medicating the Ich-X and Maracyn without water changes, my loach of 6 months and Gold Nugget Pleco of 7 months were dead. What is happening??!!


I just want to save my tank. I have no money for test strips as that money went to the quarantine trio. Now 2 fish that were perfectly healthy are dead. What the hell aquarium co-op?!?


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Hi james, I just updated my post to include that my original treatments started with Mela fix and pima fix , but i stopped because i heard it does not help labyrinth fish. I have already been dosing Maracyn with the Ich-X and no water changes for 2 days. I have not used aquarium salt. It is also harder to correctly dose my aquarium as it is 36 gallons. 

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6 minutes ago, Rishelfish said:

Someone please help. Do i continue dosing maracyn and stop administering Ich-X???? Do i do a water change because 2 fish died overnight??? Please help!!!!!

Yes do a waterchange. Stop dosing the ich x and continue with the maracyn treatment.

I also have a 36 gallon, when treating and dosing stuff for it I pretend it is a 40 gallon, it will make it lots more easier.

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