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  1. Hello ! As I've said in my presentation topic, I am a total beginner in the hobby and my current goal is to get a 29 gallon tank going with the following fishes : - 1 Pearl Gourami- 10 Celestial Pearl Danio- 7 Black Phantom Tetra- 4 Emerald Green Cory Right now I'm gathering as much information as I can while trying to understand all the subtlety of getting a tank ready to welcome my future fishes ! Here's the current list of questions that I'm trying to find an answer to : - Should I buy a "all in one" tank with a filter, a thermometer and all the part that I need or should I get just the tank and buy all the part separately to know better the tools and the pieces that I'm going to use. On this question, I'm currently leaning a bit more toward the "empty" tank and buying all the other part apart just because I like to know what I'm using and I think it'll be reassuring if anything broke or have any kind of dysfunction but also because I can't really find any good recommandation on a "all-in-one" tank but if you have some recommandation for that, I'll glady take them. - Are the fishes that I've picked gonna do well together ? That's one of my main interrogation, I'm pretty much terrified to wake up one morning to find that some fishs as been injured or killed by others. After researching a lot on that subject, I've come to the conclusion that they should be all alright and happy together but if you have any knowledge on that, let me know - Cycling, live plants, water parameters This is one of the big question too, I've read and looked at a lot of video about this subject but it seems that there is tons of "techniques" and "methods" to get the tank cycled and at this time I'm not really sure which one to pick and how to do it rightly. As for the live plant, my choice are currently leaning towards some species such as : Amazon Sword Plant, Marimo Ball, Java Fern and Anacharis but there's a lot to learn on that subject for me as for the substract choice per exemple or if I need to get special lights to grow the plants. - Once everything is set-up, what's the best way to introduce the fishes to their new home ? On this question, my thinking is leaning to think that I should add them by their species, like : adding the Gourami then waiting few weeks and adding the CPD and waiting few weeks to add the cory cats then waiting few weeks to add the Tetras but I'm not sure at all that its the best way to do it. Thanks for reading all of these, I hope its making sense (and I hope my english is not too shabby haha)
  2. I got three young-ish pearl gouramis last week and am having trouble sexing them in QT. There are two that hang out together constantly, and then a third that gets picked on by one of the other two. I'm thinking that maybe the two that aren't getting along are both males, and the third is a female, but I'm not sure. The two that are hanging out together: The one that's getting picked on: Now, if it turns out to be 2 males and 1 female, can I remove the dominant male and still have the subdominant male pair with the female? The subdominant male has much, much more color than the dominant male, although you can't see it much in the pics.
  3. Got a quick stocking question. Right now my 55 gallon has Black Neon Tetras, Lemon Tetras, Varitus Platys, Pearl Gourami, and some Salt and Pepper Corys that are going to be joining the main tank soon. I am slowly building up the number of Pearl Gouramis to four fish. I was wondering, as my last fish, could I add an Angelfish? Would it get along okay with the other fish in the tank? The tanks is heavily planted, so it provides plenty of cover for everybody.
  4. I have a female Pearl Gourami that I recently moved from quarantine to my main tank last week. She was doing fine, but recently has started to glass surf on one side of the tank. She doesn't do this all day as she does sometimes break off to swim around the plants and she loves to eat during feeding times. This is a 55 gallon tank that is heavily planted, including a lot of frogbit. The side she has been doing this is the side with my HoB filter, which doesn't have the floaters. I have lots of wood and rocks all over to provide places to explore too. I checked my water parameters, and nothing was wrong there. The tank at the moment is not heavily stocked either. All my other fish are doing fine right now too. Some of my Black Neon Tetras even decided to come over and see what the commotion was, but got bored quick and swam away. Is there anything wrong with my Gourami? She never displayed this behavior in the hospital tank, and was one of the most docile, tame fish I have ever seen.
  5. Hello all, I just added a male pearl gourami to my 75 gal tank. Tank has a few female powder blue gouramis, some honey gouramis, and a smattering of tetras. This is my first pearl. He has been staying very close to the water surface, over in one corner for the past several days. He eats just fine, but just seems.....very shy or timid, which surprised me since I thought they were more assertive fish. Everyone else is happy and zooming around. All water parameters are normal and tank has been established for a long time. Is this normal "oh my goodness this huge tank is overwhelming and I am a single PG" behavior? Thinking of picking up a couple more so he feels more comfortable. Perhaps two females? Or would you suggest two more males? TIA for advice on my new guy
  6. Hello! Need help identify what’s going on with the left fin of my pearl gourami. When he is looking at you it’s the fish’s left fin. You can kinda see that there looks to be some kind of swelling? It’s kinda pink where the body connects to the fin. The other side doesn’t have it. He is swimming fine at the moment but I want to identify and treat as soon as possible if it’s an issue. Thank you everyone for the help!
  7. Okay I've mentioned this a couple times before here on the forum, but I've never really asked for suggestions on the matter. So I have a few fish that bully others during feeding time. Here's a little more on them: The pearl gourami was shy at first, but quickly realized that by biting other fish or charging at them would drive them away from food. He especially hated the corydoras in the tank. He has done this since, so I had to remove him from the 29 gallon community and into the 10 gallon makeshift setup. This is obviously too small for a gourami like him, and now he shares it with some breeding guppies and a flying fox (more on him later). He continues to harass the flying fox (especially during feeding, but also due to territorial reasons), and he chases the larger female guppies during feeding. The flying foxes used to fight, so we left one in the 29 and moved the other to the 10 gallon with the guppies and gourami. The one in the 10 gallon chases guppies when they get too close to the bottom during feeding, and is always chased by the gourami when he himself gets too close. The one in the 29 is blind on one side, and at first was peaceful, but then developed a similar technique to the gourami, which is chasing the other fish - mainly the cories - away from their food by nipping their tails. I have tried feeding when the lights are out (for the cories), and it works, but the flying fox continues to bully them even when it isn't feeding time. Same goes for the 10 gallon with the gourami and flying fox. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? I don't have any more tanks or room for tanks. Should I rehome the bullies? If so, where to? Thanks!
  8. Hopefully this is an easy question for people who've kept pearl gourami in the past. Long story short, I started building a tank stand for a 29 gallon. Realized as I was getting started that I'd only need to stretch things a tiny bit to fit a 40 breeder. Petco has 'em on sale at the moment, so voila, I'm down a 29 gallon and trying to stock this 40 breeder. I'm a big fan of pearl gourami and was hoping to keep 3-4 as the "centerpiece" fish of the tank. My plan was 1 male and 2-3 females to keep breeding/territorial aggression to a minimum. After picking the largest fish, I went through a bunch of smaller species to help fill the tank out and then it hit me: I've got 40+ celestial pearl danio that are basically ready to sell! If I put them all into this large tank, I could run a giant school of ~50 CPD alongside the larger pearl gourami. Water parameter wise, they seem like a good fit. I'm just a bit nervous about putting such a large fish in with such little guys. I've seen folks recommend neon tetras with them, which makes me think they could coexist without too much trouble. Any more experienced fish keepers, especially those who've kept pearl gourami, able to weigh in on this stocking? Is my all pearl all the time tank idea doomed from the start?
  9. My pearl gourami has a large lump on just one side of his body. Is this a tumor or something treatable? Today was the first day he didn't want to eat. Temp: 76 PH: 8.2 Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 5 GH: 4 KH: 11
  10. Hi all i have a 36 gallon bowfront. I had moved a new pearl gourami in and he had immediately shown signs of fin rot and fungus. I got the quarantine Trio to use on my fish. I have 3 problems 1. I started off using Pima and mela fix but then found out they are not good for labyrinth fish due to the tree oil. After 2 days i stopped using this i started doing daily water changes until the quarantine trio came in 3 days later, so 3 straight days of water changes after i stopped dosing pima and melafix 2. Ich-x says to do a water change before every dose, but Maracyn says to not. In aquarium co-op’s video it said they go great together so I tried it to urgently help my fish but now am not sure on what to do. 2. After 2 days of medicating the Ich-X and Maracyn without water changes, my loach of 6 months and Gold Nugget Pleco of 7 months were dead. What is happening??!! I just want to save my tank. I have no money for test strips as that money went to the quarantine trio. Now 2 fish that were perfectly healthy are dead. What the hell aquarium co-op?!?
  11. Hello everyone, I have a male pearl gourami in a semi-planted 29 gallon community aquarium. He is quite peaceful most of the time. He is around 3 inches long so far, and I haven't even seen him eat any guppy fry (yet). He is even a little timid when I come up to the tank. The only problem arises when I feed the fish tank. I provide plenty of floating foods (flakes, crisps, freeze-dried bloodworms, fry food, etc. varies depending on the day) and I also provide sinking foods (pellets, Repashy gel food, algae wafers) for my bottom dwellers. The gourami gobbles up a portion of the floating foods, but then instead of eating more, he goes straight to the bottom of the tank to eat the sinking pellets, where my bristlenose pleco, SAEs, Amano shrimp, and various species of cories feed. Whenever a cory is eating nearby, he will suddenly get aggressive, chasing them and nipping/biting them until they swim off. The strange thing is he will only nip the peppered cories and albino cories, and completely ignores the pleco, SAEs, guppies, pygmy cories, and Amano shrimp. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do about this situation? I want him to stop picking on my cories. Any advice would be well appreciated. Thanks.
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