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Tips on keeping pond fish safe?


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Hey everyone, 

I am building a new pond however it is not as deep as my other one which is 3 ft. This new one is just over a foot deep maybe 2 ft. I know of Cory's marshmallow trick, but I was wondering if  anyone else has tricks like that. I really am only worried about raccoons. I have never seen a harron by my old pond so I am not worried about that. 


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5 hours ago, CT_ said:

Whats the marshmallow trick?!

The marshmallow trick is where you soak marshmallows in something like apple juice, then you toss it around your pond. Then when the racoons come they will not be able to resist the marshmallows, and when they eat it, it will stick to their hands and not come off for a day or two. Since they like to have really clean hands they will not like it. After a few visits to the pond the raccoons will learn simply not to go there and will go somewhere else to wreak havoc. 🤪

While it sounds like it does not work, I hear many people say they have success with it. I use it on my other pond and I have not lost a fish yet! 

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