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5 Gallon Stocking Suggestions


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Okay I have space on my racking system for one more 5 gallon. I was thinking of doing a high-tech planted tank with a fluval 3.0 nano, co2, etc. And I was thinking of doing a rimless tank. Anyways the tank I was looking at is exactly 6 gallons, but I will refer to it as a 5 gallon. 

I am needing stocking suggestions, I was thinking either

-Pea Puffer snail colony for him to hunt

-Sparkiling Gourami x2, Celestiral Pearl Danios x4 OR Chilli Rasboras x5 (I relize this is a tad bit overstocked but if I go this route I will defentley keep up on my waterchanges)

Let me know what you think, or if you have any other stocking suggestions (I already have a betta so, not another betta)

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