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After over an hour of arts and crafts, I am covered in glue but I now have alllll the plants I want for the tank. I have a few different kinds of crypts, anubias nana petite, swords in the back, dwarf sag in the middle that I think I will totally need to keep trimming and a Java fern on the left that I had no clue would come that big. I really have no clue in general, but I'm proud of myself and think it looks pretty.

Anything I should be concerned about? The tank lighting is just what came with the Tetra kit I got. 


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6 minutes ago, Paul_Obermiller said:

Every plant should be fine with that light, the only that would struggle would be the swords. BTW swords can grow very large. The dwarf sag might grow taller because of the "low" light so you will almost definitely have to trim it. Other than that I think it looks great A+.

I purchased the swords before I knew what kind of lighting I had but oddly they seem to be doing the best out of all I've purchased so far. I know I'll have to do some major trimming with those too, but as long as I trim from the outside rather than the middle, they should be ok, right? As for the trimming the sag, what's the best way to do that? I've read about a few different methods. 

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I've never trimmed my swords, like ever, so I can't tell you how to do it. Mine are about 2 years old and 18 inches tall, but they are Amazon Swords not what you have. I think those are melon swords or something. But for the sag, you just take a pair of scissors and go across at the height you want it at. All the cutting kinda float so you can just scoop them up with a net. There is a video on youtube called Trimming Amazon Swords How To it goes through the steps how to do it.

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16 minutes ago, Jennifer V said:

@Paul_Obermiller on another plant-related note, I stuck Easy Green root tabs in the substrate but I guess I didn't get them in far enough so they popped out but I also added liquid Easy Green for the other plants so am I in the danger zone fertilizer wise? Do I just monitor the nitrates in the tank the next couple days? 

The root tabs just have air in them, which is why they are floating, poke a hole in them with a pen, tack, pencil, litterly anything thats pointy and shove it back into your substrate. No thats no over fertilizering, if you see that the nitrates get high (+40ppm) then I would decrease the amount of easy green you put in each dose or just dose less. 

37 minutes ago, Paul_Obermiller said:

 youtube called Trimming Amazon Swords How To it goes through the steps how to do it.

Perhaps this is the video:

 All though they are trimming AMAZON SWORD, this goes with any kind of swords.

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