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Anyone Know What This Is?


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1 minute ago, Cory said:

looks like a baby pond/pest snail to me. One of my favorite if not my favorite snail for my aquariums.

Oh, that’s really cool! Exciting as well, because I haven’t had snails in a long time. 
Thanks for the identification. I could understand why. They are pretty great! Cute as well haha. 

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1 hour ago, lefty o said:

i agree its a pond/pest snail. most likely came in on your plants.

True! I’m pretty happy to see that. I sadly eradicated all of my snails at one point having while treating my previous betta for gill flukes, though they kept progressing through everything I tried and by then, it became too late. I went through and disinfected everything and never saw a snail after that. So seeing a baby snail definitely cheers me up that they hopefully blossom in the main aquarium now. 

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