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I have used it on my live bearers, Cory's and Gouramis. Make sure you are observing those gouramis getting some food, it took mine a while before nibbling on it.


Biggest concern is expense and time. You gotta treat it like produce once made, and shouldn't be keeping it unfrozen for long. And I would still mix in a high quality flake and frozen food with that. Repashy gets expensive and its really easy to just toss in a cube of baby brine than make a new batch of gel sometimes lol. 

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Even though the food floats to the bottom and the cories can eat, my gourami will always go down to the bottom and nip the cories and chase them away because he likes the food so much (he is never aggressive outside of feeding). So I would put chunks in several corners of the tank so everyone can eat without someone else bothering them. But that's just my experience.


Otherwise, Repashy is a great food for all fish in your tank. All my fish love it. Hope this helps.

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