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  1. Hmm. I'm not really sure what to make of it
  2. Raised like an ich cyst. Also, they go away and come back such as an ich cyst dropping off, hatching out and then reattaching wherever. Does epistylis behave this way?
  3. It's on the tail of the top fish. That's a bubble in the pic on wag platy. Another fish has it on the tail though too. From what I just briefly researched on epistylis, I dont think that's what it is.
  4. The Kordon rapid cure doesn't seem to be working either. What's the temp that mollies and platies can handle for a week or so? I might have to crank the temp up from 82 to 86 for a week and just add some more salt. I've used this method before when I had ich in my 125 with African cichlids and it always worked with no meds at all. Thoughts??
  5. I cleaned out my filter yesterday and found 12 fry. Lol. I went and got a mesh breeder box at petsmart since the one I had is broken (all plastic, but the nipple that holds the suction cup is broke off). Anyway, when I try to feed the fry crushed up flakes the other fish in the tank come over there and nip at the mesh and probably fry after they are done eating what I gave them. Any suggestions? I also have some community repashy that I could use to coat something and suspend it in the breeder box but I'm not sure if they will eat that or not. Thoughts??
  6. I switched to Kordon rapid cure. It's worked for me before
  7. I have ich in my quarantine tank that showed up on the last day of doing the med trio marinate (all three for 7 days). I've now been treating for ich with ich x per the instructions on the bottle for 5 or 6 days but it's not going away. It goes away on some fish and comes back on others. Just doesn't seem to be going away and I'm sure its ich. Also have salt in the tank. Any suggestions on what else to do?
  8. I usually run my mollies/platies/variatus main tank at just under 80 degrees but I recently lowered the temp in that tank to just a hair over 78. My quarantine tank is at 81 degrees so transferring fish to the main tank before was a simple plop and drop. So my question is, do you guys think I'll still be ok to use this technique with nearly a 3 degree difference?
  9. What tank temp do you guys run your molly/platy/variatus at?
  10. Yeah I've noticed that mine constantly graze on the algae in the tank
  11. I think your correct. After the week is up I'll probably just treat with maracyn and ich x until the waiting period is up to redose the general cure
  12. Yeah. Like I just told laritheloud, it's odd because this started about half way through the first week of the maranate method with the med trio (all three meds for a week). Once I seen it I did a 30% water change and added more maracyn and ich x. It's a female swordtail and I bought 3 males with 2 females thinking it would be ok with that ratio until they got into the main tank. So I think it could have got started by some fin nipping from the males but I haven't really seen it happening. Thoughts??
  13. Well it's odd. This showed up about half way through the week of using the med trio (maranate method) all three meds in there for a week. Once I seen it I did a 30% water change and added more ich x and maracyn.
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