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Hello and thank you

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Hi all,

I'm Lowell and it's a pleasure to meet you. In September 2020 I had zero aquariums but four months later I've accumulated eleven tanks across two racks and a couple of other places fish tanks probably don't belong. I've always been a dive in headfirst type of person but I can't recall being so consumed by a pursuit as I have been by aquaria. I love the plants, I love the animals, and I love the depth and complexity that this endeavor offers at advanced levels.

I started with very little knowledge, even less experience and I owe any success to information and encouragement provided by online sources, particularly the fishtubers. They've become friends in my house. I'm humbled by the experience and wisdom some aquarists have been able to accumulate over time and I am impressed by and grateful for the supportive nature of the community.

I am currently breeding CPD's, corydoras, and blue dream shrimp and I'm having a great time doing it. Breeding has so far been the most rewarding part of the hobby for me because it's so goal-oriented. 

In terms of seeking knowledge, my great interest right now is in the ideal use of foods in the breeding process- particularly in crossing the gap from hatching till fry can accept live baby brine. Feeding adequately while avoiding poor quality and pathogen growth is a tough line to ride and I have so many questions.

Thank you all for being awesome. Good luck with your own efforts and may your fish have many babies.


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Here's a few. I don't know what order they'll come out in but there's a small dragon stone aquascape getting high light and co2, a 20 long with some river rock and sand holding the corydoras, another with a mess of plants and some otocinclus, two 10 gal side by side for the CPD's, and a ~4 gal bare bottom with cory fry attached to an above the tank sump. The remaining tanks are currently plants only in preparation to hold the fry I can manage to raise.



plant mess.jpg


cory fry.jpg

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