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Hi there!

I'm so excited for this forum as I think it is exactly what I've needed but couldn't find to help improve my enjoyment of the hobby. I started my first tank up a few years ago and went all in with a 75 planted community and it was a train wreck, but I learned a lot. We ended up moving and I had to break that tank down so I took the opportunity to downsize to some smaller more manageable tanks. I am currently running two 5s, one with blue dream neocaridinas (breeding like mad), and the second with a betta and some amanos. Both of these nano tanks are heavily planted are doing fabulous! I also started up a 29 a little less than a year ago, and am finding it much more enjoyable than the 75. I'm keeping neons, sterbai corys, amanos, bladder snails, and just added a few otos who are thriving! 

My goals for this next year is to get the plants in the 29 to really start growing well. It's full of anubias, java fern, some cryps, an amazon sword, and some floating water sprite. I'd love for everything to really fill in, but so far I've just succeeded in keeping the algae at bay! 

Wish me luck and thank you in advance for any advice!






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@H.K.LutermanThank you! The corys are my favorites! They have stuck with me through a pretty significant learning curve and are little troopers. The 29 I put together just for them and am really focused on making up for my past transgressions again them (note their poor little barbels) and keeping them fat and healthy! 

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