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Hey all!


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Hey 👋 new here, I have two bettas (boop a black orchid veil tail and miso, I have no idea a marble blue black red speckled lil guy, you can see how he changed from all white!!) four nerites, two assassins and a newly found pond?snail. I have three tanks and setting up a fourth currently. I love the chemistry and biology of it all!! If you’re into microorganisms hit me up I’d love to learn more! 8150C62C-AF02-4345-A3B5-2E027E49C1BA.jpeg.3ae3ffd15c98d33dcb99620037896737.jpeg927C7834-6239-4AA6-BC78-15681FD512C6.jpeg.e64dfd5fdff38daa46b58f4eb8d8526f.jpeg51BBB081-F91F-464A-B9BC-05F4E0B8477F.jpeg.5456b3de9ad9f353ecf16476ff5205e4.jpeg2422275D-3F79-4713-BEDD-88606D9DEAF0.jpeg.6fe92e899a9efd9b67c325bfc5df82fe.jpegBBA5C7BE-4565-4EF9-9B3E-C100A93E6F6D.jpeg.93ef08093e95ecce0563d3bb3e0bd609.jpeg

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