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Being insecure - WC method, from bucket to python?

Karen B.

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I have always used the bucket method for my WC, treating the water before filling back the tank but with 3 aquariums I would like to use my python.

What scares me is to add untreated water to my tanks. I do use Prime and stability - should I add it in the tank before filling, while filling, after filling it? I am afraid to shock the fish with the untreated water, or overdose them if I add the products before, etc... What is the best course of action?I know most youtuber say there is no problem and just add the products while filling the tank but as mine are small (10g, 15g and 20g), I was wondering if it will make a difference

Thank you!


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2 minutes ago, Andy's Fish Den said:

When I lived in a house that had water from a public water system, I would use the Prime when I was filling the tank back up. Get your water to correct temp, start it going into tank and add the prime. 

And the fish were fine even if for few seconds/minutes, they had to deal with untreated water? 

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I add temperature correct water from tap to tank by python then additives to tank as its filling. No issue for me doing it that way. 

We are on a well so the only other thing I do water treatment wise is put one of the one way RV hose style carbon block filters between the python hose and the python hook when adding  water. I do that for insurance to keep the new water as close to consistent as I can even if something is slightly off of standard with our water supply. 

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