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Question to Cory/Aquarium CO-OP on Tiger Barbs


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I could not find Cory's email so I will post this question here.

Below is a quote from another forum: 


Even Aquarium co-op tried 800 tigers in their 800 gallon. I told him they will soon be down to one super sized Tiger..
That tank lasted a few months.then all the barbs that were left were taken out.


Any status on the display Tiger Barb tank you setup? Did the Tiger Barbs start attacking and killing each other off? I hate when misinformation is spread on the internet, just doing some fact checking before I respond.




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Tiger barbs can be aggressive towards other species of fish usually in the form of fin nipping, but not so much that tiger barbs cannot be kept in a community aquarium. @Alesha keeps green tiger barbs in a community aquarium with guppies.

Like discus and other many other species of fish, tiger barbs are hierarchical, meaning there are dominant fish and subdominant fish. If there are only a handful of tiger barbs the dominant fish's aggression can be more intense as there are only a few subordinates.

But when there are larger schools, and 800 tiger barbs are a very large school, the actions of the dominant tiger barbs are spread widely over a very large number of fish which very much mitigates any aggression.

We all watched Cory's community 800 gallon tank over time and I don't recall any problems with tiger barb aggression or tiger barbs killing each other off. Fortunately all of this is well documented over time with the videos posted on the Aquarium Co-Op channel so this is extremely easy to verify if anyone is skeptical about this.

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I think @madmark285 and I just discussed this last week:

If you are this interested in Tiger Barbs, then by all means, purchase some and see for yourself how they do. 

I will tell you I've had 2 guppies get their tail bitten off. But the one regrew and the other was just last week, but both fish are doing fine and have to damage on their bodies. 

And I totally agree that having a large group is the key to minimizing the in-fighting and aggression. 

I hope that helps you decide. And honestly, who cares what they say on other forums? If you believe them, stay there and learn what else they have to say. If you don't agree, then stay here and enjoy the wisdom and comradery. It really is unhelpful to try to pit one forum against another. 😉  

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10 minutes ago, madmark285 said:

 I was looking for was status on Aquarium CO-OP display tank of Tiger Barbs, not general information.

Cory would change up the aquarium from time to time to keep the aquarium interesting, so eventually the tiger barb, clown loach, etc. arrangement was changed. But the big change is that he moved the location of the aquarium from his old house to a house he has just purchased. I believe he is still in the process of resetting up the 800 gallon.

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Ah, well that makes sense. I think...just from following the ACO videos for a while, Cory changes up the big tanks quite regularly. That tiger barb tank was changed as he wanted to use the big tank for something else. I think right now, all the big tanks are being moved from one house to the other.

We sure are glad you're going to stick around!!! 😁


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That's what I assumed. Being a retail store he sold the Tiger Barbs and did something different with the tank.

Good day for me, after 20 years of no aquarium, I filled my new 75 gallon tank today and my Buffalo Bills have a big game ! A nice break from all the depression events going on in the USA.

I will take some pictures and post them them this weekend, I made my own sump.  I  need to order or buy some plant this weekend but I need a planting strategy.




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