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Hair algae in my shrimp tank. Help!

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I have a really old lightly dirted 29 gallon shrimp tank. 

Light - current LED

Plants list - Crypt, java moss, val, sword, ludwigia and everyone's favorite duckweed  

Algae list - Some BBA, but mostly hair algae!!! 

PH - 7-7.5  
Nitrate - 0 

Ammonia - 0 

KH - 80-120 

GH - 120 - 180 

I dose EZ green once a week and feed daily. Water change is once per week 20%. Exclusively neo shrimp and assassin snails. I can't put fish in it because they will eat my shrimp. Anyone have any ideas to limiting this hair algae. 

Not a big fan of chemicals, looking for a more natural solution. In your experience what causes this type of algae? 




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I would just do water changes more frequently. Try removing some of the algae manually and turn down the light. If you want something that will eat the algae, the shrimp will do that. They aren't the best at it but if you starve them a little bit, they should start getting hungry enough to eat some of that algae off for you. Some other things that you can try are Flourish Excel or Hydrogen Peroxide. I don't know how these would work with shrimp but they have worked for me before. 

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