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  1. Please invent the robot that carries 5 Gallon buckets of water up and down flights of stairs.... My son is 9 so..... a couple more years... Please invent a laminated easy to read one or 2 sheet: plant chart that specifies the preferred temp, ph, and nutrients by plant type plant chart specifies what deficiencies look like algae chart that specifies what causes each one and how to battle it Fish chart showing diseases and possible medications Fish chart showing regions and water types Combine all of these laminated pages in a plastic binder that I can put in my fishroom for reference. With the disclaimer that these suggestions 'are designed to fix most problems, most of the time, for most people and that certain water conditions create unpredictable variables when solving these problems'. Make available for purchase at Aquarium coop. It basically would be a Giant FAQ index. Maybe this group could help create it.
  2. I have a really old lightly dirted 29 gallon shrimp tank. Light - current LED Plants list - Crypt, java moss, val, sword, ludwigia and everyone's favorite duckweed Algae list - Some BBA, but mostly hair algae!!! PH - 7-7.5 Nitrate - 0 Ammonia - 0 KH - 80-120 GH - 120 - 180 I dose EZ green once a week and feed daily. Water change is once per week 20%. Exclusively neo shrimp and assassin snails. I can't put fish in it because they will eat my shrimp. Anyone have any ideas to limiting this hair algae. Not a big fan of chemicals, looking for a more natural solution. In your experience what causes this type of algae?
  3. Great looking Gups! Glad you found something to help!
  4. Glossolepis Dorityi Second Generation originally purchased from LR Bretz Aquatics.
  5. Thanks, this was helpful to me even though its not my question!
  6. I had this for a while in one of my tanks and it eventually went away. I don't see a ton of fish in there. How long has the tank been set-up? Sometimes changing too much water will create that bacterial bloom as you are constantly resetting the cycle. I would monitor water quality very tightly and move to a 20% once a week water change. If super concerned about ammonia spike add some floating plants temporarily, like hornwort or frog bit.
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