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Cloudy Water Help!


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So, when I put this tank together I didn't wash my substrate.  I had no idea at the time what I was doing but as I learned more and realized my error I thought it would clear up with time (albeit filtration or vaccumming).

My fish are reproducing and my plants grow well, it only seems to matter to me that it's cloudy.. This tank has been up for roughly 6 months now, the hang on filter is just an empty box for fry and the I've been running the sponge filter for a little over a month. 


Any advice for clearing the water??

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@Taco Playz


Thanks for the quick response.

No ammonia, ~7.5ph, 77 degrees, very low to none nitrite and nitrate, gh is high 90+, kh is around 50ish+.

I water change about 30% every other day for the past few weeks trying to clear it up.  

I believe the cause is dust from my uncleaned substrate in case I didn't say that earlier. 

-My plants and fish are growing and reproducing well in the tank, no health issues, just cloudy water. 


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I had this for a while in one of my tanks and it eventually went away. I don't see a ton of fish in there. How long has the tank been set-up? Sometimes changing too much water will create that bacterial bloom as you are constantly resetting the cycle.  

I would monitor water quality very tightly and move to a 20% once a week water change. 

If super concerned about ammonia spike add some floating plants temporarily, like hornwort or frog bit. 

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@Michael Tette@lefty o



Thank you for your advice, it's been up a few months. I tried some water clearer from the acurel wave kit and was able to clean up the water. 


Thanks everyone

Ps. There are around 8-9 guppies, they are all over the tank though, hard to see them all in one picture. 



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1 minute ago, Michael Tette said:

Great looking Gups! 

Glad you found something to help! 

Thank you!

After posting this I went on the phone with my Dad and he suggested chemicals.  I try to not use them when able but apparently this was one of those cases where water changing wasn't going to fix my issue. 


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