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  1. Thank you, I was hoping by asking here I would be able to connect with someone who I can trust cares about their fish and even uses a quarantine process to lessen the time I might have to spend quarantining the fish once I get them home. More time spent enjoying.
  2. I am not sure if this is the appropriate place but I'm hoping you'll all be empathetic to my ignorance. I saw a live stream of Cory's a long time ago where he discussed his passion for black chins and wanting to find them. I also want to find them, does anyone in the continental US have them for sale? (I am in Pennsylvania) Best, Brad
  3. Hey @Daniel You were absolutely right, my little hitch hikers are growing up to be zebra's. Most were consumed by my other fish, but 4 were retained. Here's one of my little hitchhikers.
  4. The more I see the blue sheen on those danio's the more I think that's what I have as well. It will be most interesting to me as well to see what they end up being. I'll update this once they're discernable size.
  5. @Daniel It does have similarities, the plants came from a little cup at petco not am actual tank, would it be possible eggs survive that way?
  6. @lefty o @Taco Playz @MAC Hey Guys, First, thanks for always responding to me!! Now to business. I did buy 2 sets of plants from Petco which were planted in this tank, I do have other tanks but I only keep guppies/endlers. I'm excited to see what comes of this now lol.
  7. These fry are much smaller than my normal guppy fry and they also are blue and seem to have allot of shimmer. I've only ever had guppies in my tank, it could've come in on a pregnant females but doesn't look like my other fry? Thoughts?
  8. Thank you! After posting this I went on the phone with my Dad and he suggested chemicals. I try to not use them when able but apparently this was one of those cases where water changing wasn't going to fix my issue.
  9. This is the other male in this tank.
  10. @Michael Tette@lefty o Hey, Thank you for your advice, it's been up a few months. I tried some water clearer from the acurel wave kit and was able to clean up the water. Thanks everyone Ps. There are around 8-9 guppies, they are all over the tank though, hard to see them all in one picture.
  11. @Taco Playz Hey! Thanks for the quick response. No ammonia, ~7.5ph, 77 degrees, very low to none nitrite and nitrate, gh is high 90+, kh is around 50ish+. I water change about 30% every other day for the past few weeks trying to clear it up. I believe the cause is dust from my uncleaned substrate in case I didn't say that earlier. -My plants and fish are growing and reproducing well in the tank, no health issues, just cloudy water.
  12. Hello! So, when I put this tank together I didn't wash my substrate. I had no idea at the time what I was doing but as I learned more and realized my error I thought it would clear up with time (albeit filtration or vaccumming). My fish are reproducing and my plants grow well, it only seems to matter to me that it's cloudy.. This tank has been up for roughly 6 months now, the hang on filter is just an empty box for fry and the I've been running the sponge filter for a little over a month. Any advice for clearing the water??
  13. @lefty o Thank you, that's kind of what I thought as well.. they'd have to be smaller to fit so many in the same space as 20 larger fry. Is it reasonable to think this many fry could grow beyond eating size in this little 3 gallon? I'm trying not to move them until they're a little bigger if I don't have to.
  14. @KBOzzie59 that's great to hear! These fry are about a week old, the larger ones are in a community tank so it's hard for me to really say when they were born. I was making my comparison to the videos on YouTube that show females giving birth, it's zoomed in so much I guess it makes the fry seem larger. I am glad to hear mine are normal size!!
  15. Hello, I'm fairly new to breeding guppies, I am on a 4th gen brood for my in home breeding setup, and I recently began to segment my females at birth to retain more fry than the community tank was allowing. My female had babies last week and we are talking hundreds. My question is, they are so small, smaller than any video I have ever seen. Is this normal? Ref: https://photos.app.goo.gl/HwvFypGkqh35Mr6E7 I have had normal fry also.. Ref: https://photos.app.goo.gl/obupwDgoFvAH3tSZ8
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