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My two 5 gallon aquariums


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These are my two 5 gallon aquariums! 
One has been set up for 6 months and the other one around a month.

I’m only just learning about aquariums and how to take care of their ecosystem! 

Here is my tall 5 gallon! 
Stock: 1 male veil tail betta, 2 amano shrimp, 3 neocaridina, and snails! 

Plants: Pearlweed(foreground), Ludwigia repens, rotala h’ra, and rotala macrandra


Here is my long 5 gallon! 
Stock: 2 wild type neocaridina, 1 amano shrimp, and snails

Plants: Dwarf hairgrass, fissidens moss, and dwarf chain sword


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22 minutes ago, ADMWNDSR83 said:

Wow!  I'm loving the scaping of the top picture!  How many separate plants originally got planted in there, and what kind?  I feel like my betta and shrimp tank would benefit greatly from a couple of those!

Hey, I started off with 4 different plants and not a whole lot! I’ve just been trimming and replanting them. I just edited my post so it has the plants and what’s in the tank! 

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19 hours ago, H.K.Luterman said:

The top tank is gorgeous, wow! And what a cool looking betta. I can't wait to see how the bottom tank grows in!

Thank you! He’s my first betta in a couple of years! 
I’ll keep you guys updated in the growth of the hairgrass! Hopefully I can I get a nice carpet! 

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