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Angelfish Breeding


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It sounds like the phenotypes you're talking about crossing are:

Zebra: +\+, Z/Z, +/+, +/+, +/+, +/+, +/+, +/+, +/+
Gold veil: g/g, +/+, +/+, +/+, +/+, V/+, +/+, +/+, +/+

It's also possible for some recessive alleles to be present on the other loci (ex: half-black, pearlscale, and Philippine blue alleles are recessive so it is possible one of your angels is carrying a copy).

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On 6/25/2021 at 7:29 PM, Josh said:

My gosh I never got an update on whether someone commented on this or not. I’ve successfully paired the two angels. She lays about every week. And I’ve had 2 successful batches of fry go all the way to the free swimming stage. Unfortunately the parents ate them.

I also had fry that was eaten by the parents, the shop told me to "let nature and parents look after them". An advice that I got from an ex. breeder is to wait until you can see the fry wiggle outside of the eggs, then to move the adults, use a sponge filter and feed fry food (like Hikari First bite). Am waiting for more eggs now.

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