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  1. I wanted to say that I have not forgotten about this thread and I still want to keep y’all informed what I have going on. I can tell you this. I’ve changed my lighting schedule completely. And I’ve already had success! Some of the plants have grown almost an inch and a half already! The hair algae did kinda boom a little too, but I’m assuming that’s because of the c02 increase. I know that some of my plants need to be removed from the wool still. And planted correctly. I just haven’t been able to get my hands on any gorilla glue. I’m getting my brother in laws 55 gallon now front tomorrow. I’m going do a complete new scape with that tank. And I’m really going to put heart into it. I wanted to say that with this 30 bow front I intend on changing it into a heavily planted snail shrimp and micro fish tank.. I plan on giving my angelfish to a buddy of mine. He has a couple beautiful planted 125s that these fish would be able to enjoy much more than even the 55 I’m getting tomorrow. Anyways I wanted to say thank you guys and save this thread if your interested in seeing how I do. I will say my lights are on for 5 hours at only 40 percent twice a day.
  2. It’s actually mostly larger sand in the areas I don’t have plants growing. The back left corner all the way over to the right corner has about an inch of aqua soil capped with an inch and a half of sand. The khuli loaches just mixed it all up. the light comes on at 8 am. I start it off at 10 percent. Then by 10 am it hits 30 percent. At 12 pm it hits 60 percent. At 3pm it hits 80 percent and from there it decreases down until it’s completely off by 7. And the light brand is amzbd. I believe it’s an Amazon product. The light was gifted to me. Also I do wash my hands and arms with dawn dish soap before every water change
  3. Hello everyone, I’m sorry for the late response I’ve just been really busy the last couple of days. Yesterday was mine and my wife’s anniversary so we went out for the night. She’s prego so we had steaks and ice cold sprites. Lol. I did read through everyone’s comments. And I went about testing my source of water. And also my fish tank. I’m not going to lie. I’m kinda shocked at the results. The tap I’m not sure about but I will give you guys those numbers here: Water source: Ph- 7.8 Ammonia- 0ppm Nitrite- 0ppm Nitrate- 20ppm Fish Tank: Ph- 8.2 Ammonia- 0ppm Nitrite- 0ppm Nitrate- 80ppm 😳 To give more perspective I also wanted to add that my stock includes: 2 Adult Angel fish 2 khuli loaches 1 yo-yo loach (about 1 inche long now) 7 pigmy corys 1 dwarf sunset gourami 4 king koopa nerite snails and also a boat load of pond snails. Also, I’ve been dosing 3ml of easy green once a week. And I do a water change in the middle of every month using prime as a conditioner. My filter is a Fluval 107 canister filter. I have a heater in the tank that keeps it about 78 degrees. Also there is no carbon in the filter. The carbon is going in my filter for my wife’s goldfish. And then the phosphate pads were just up in there air. And I wanted to ask your guys opinion on it. Also my moss under the wood has hair algae growing in it. I did increase the light brightness almost a month and a half ago. It hits 80 percent around 2 pm and then slowly dims out to completely shut off at 7 pm. It comes on again about 8 am. I’ve thought about raising the light up, I just haven’t had the tools to do so.
  4. Well, here I am. At a cross roads, stuck between giving up or keeping on. Over the last 2 years, I have spent exactly $1,485.67 on aquarium plants, a few different aquascaping tools, and of course ferts and aqua soil. All of which has been nearly for nothing. Most of the plants I have purchased are long gone. A lot of them melted and just never came back. My ph is 7.6 0 ammonia nitrates at a crisp 5ppm. Everything is where it needs to be. I’ve purchased multiple different kinds of ferts, from tabs to liquid. Easy green, seachem products. The only thing I haven’t purchased is c02 due to cost. And I’ve gotten no results from any of it. Nothing. I had hornwort do really well for a month and then in a couple weeks span it was gone. I’ve kept every single said to be easy plant to grow in the aquarium. And I have nothing to show for it. So for a while I had cuddle bone in the tank for my nerite snails. I have 5 full sized King Koopa Nerite snails. I figured with that many they’d need more calcium. With knowing all that I went down the rabbit and discovered that lots of calcium in the water can effect the growth of plants such as Anubias, Vallisneria, pennywort, etc. So with that knowledge I there forth removed the bone. It’s been 2 months… I still have no results. Also my light is full spectrum and has a built in timer that’s never failed to my knowledge…. I don’t know what to do… I’m about to just sell all of my stuff and be done.
  5. Hello everyone. So over the weekend I decided to purchase some new plants. As most of you know, I really don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to aquatic plants. All I know is I don’t like the look of fake plants, and that I want nothing but naturalistic things in my tanks. So I purchased penny wort, ovalis, and bacopa. I’ve read a lot of recommendations on how to plant each one of these in the aquarium. But a lot of them are mixed and not really that straight forward. Any recommendation is appreciated as always guys. Thanks
  6. Which sucks because I get off at 10:30pm and at that time it’s dark. But with a little bit of self control I don’t turn them back on when I get home
  7. Yes for sure. The highest my lights go now is 60 percent but it only actually stays at that brightness for 2 hours. Lights come on at 7:30. They fade off at 7:30pm
  8. I just wanted to give everyone who offered me advice on my fish tanks a shout out. I beat the green algae. Months of water change after water change led me to a point where I was able to figure out what I was doing wrong. And that was thanks to you guys. I simply wrapped the tank with a black towel. Stopped doing water changes. And after about a week the green water is completely gone.
  9. Recently I accidentally broke my lid. I glued some cheap plastic panels I had together and added wood panels in the bottom side, also with the gorilla glue noticed. I noticed some of it expanded out. After allowing it to fully harden will I be safe to temporarily use this? If so how long should I wait to let it harden?
  10. My light starts to come on about 7 am, it slowly gets brighter and brighter through out the day. So like at 7 am, it starts off at 20 percent. At noon it gets to right about 60 percent. And at 3 pm it gets to 80 percent and that the brightest setting I have set on it. Around 7 pm the lights totally cut off.
  11. My ph is a little high right at 7.8 my ammonia is 0 nitrite is barely there like the color isn’t quite .25 ppm. The nitrates are at 20 ppm. I have one scarlet temple plant an Amazon sword and a decent amount of Christmas moss. The live stock is 2 Khuli loaches. 2 angelfish and 1 sunset honey gourami.
  12. My gosh I never got an update on whether someone commented on this or not. I’ve successfully paired the two angels. She lays about every week. And I’ve had 2 successful batches of fry go all the way to the free swimming stage. Unfortunately the parents ate them.
  13. So about 2 months ago I purchased my first bottle of easy green. On the bottle it calls for 1 pump per 10 gallons. And it also says to dose it weekly. Which I’ve been doing. Since using easy green I’ve had to consistently do a 75 percent water change every single day just to keep it from going totally green. The picture is only 24 hours after my last water change. I purchased easy green because I was told that it was super simple with amazing results. But since purchasing it I’ve been nothing but unhappy with my water quality. I’m tired of doing water changes and I’m honestly about to just take the whole thing down and be done. Any advice is appreciated thanks guys.
  14. Thank you so much. I use prime during water changes. Would that have any affect on the meds? Should I wait an hour or so after the water change?
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