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Neocaridinas and Hard vs Softer Water

Wes L.

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I've been doing a very unscientific (LOL) study lately on my neocaridina shrimp. I have 2 planted community tanks and both have neocaridinas. One tank I keep at 13dGH (232 ppm), and stocked it 7 with Blue Dreams and the other tank I keep at 7dGH (125ppm) and stocked it with 14 red cherry shrimp/yellow cherry shrimp. Both tanks I keep at 76 degrees. I added the shrimp to both tanks on the same day about 6 months ago. The Blue Dream shrimp in my 13dGH tank are breading out of control. The red and yellow cherries in my 7dGH tank have not reproduced yet. I'm puzzled why the Blue Dreams are breeding so rapidly in my harder water tank, and nothing so far in my softer water tank. Is it because of the harder water? Do they thrive better in harder water? Even though 7dGH (125ppm) should be fine for neos. Both tanks are well established and both tanks have identical water parameters as far as nitrates, phosphates, etc. go. Really the only different is the water hardness...and the PH is about 1/2 degree lower in the softer water tank. Has anyone else played around with keeping shrimp in different water parameters and have found different results? I'm so curious about this since the shrimp are going from one extreme to the other with their reproduction rates.


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