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Horsetail Rushes


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Has anyone tried to grow horsetail indoors or in the aquarium?  I tried for years to grow it in planters and failed.  Then came the happy accident when I tied a rock to my last specimen and dropped it into the pond.  Now it is problematic.  I haven't thought this thru yet but I'm looking for something that the Tinfoil Barbs and other fish won't eat. 


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3 minutes ago, AdamTill said:

Generally needs more light than you can give it indoors 

Ohhhhhh...ok, that makes sense. Maybe if your tank set up included a pendant light of some kind, rather than just a tank light, it would do well. It'd be an interesting experiment. Let us know if you give it try.

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2 hours ago, Alesha said:

So...if I'm understanding, it grew well in the pond?? If so, it should do fine in a tank. Why is it problematic? Does it spread quickly? Sounds like a planted-tank-keeper's dream plant, if so! 😉 


  I have a small 2 ft. tall waterfall, 3-6" deep stream, and the "pond" is one of those kidney shaped basins.  Over a two year period the Horsetail almost filled the stream bed and sent runners down into the pond.  Eventually it sends shoots back up and out of the pond.  It is a problem because it grows too well. removing it requires a sharp knife or saw and you sacrifice the substrate.  On the plus side, whatever variety I have only gets about 2' tall and the tiny blue flowers attract butterflies, and dragonflies.

I was curious as to whether it was harmful to fish as I've never seen it near a pond in the wild.

I would like to plant my 65 tall community tank. but so far the inhabitants have eaten everything.



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