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Breeding for Profit Tank(s)!


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I'm lucky enough not to have to pay for rent/utilities, so I've set up two for-profit tanks to pay for the hobby, or even possibly a little bit of my car/school.


Old pic. I can't remember why the water level was so low, lmao.

Plants: Crypts, anubias (which will be moving to the goldfish tank), frogbit, vallisneria, red root floaters, java moss, and amazon sword.

Stocking: 7x Daisy's ricefish, 5x bronze corys. Post-qt, one of the ricefish is very skinny and listless so I'm not sure if it'll make it. Treating with paracleanse again. The corys have gotten MASSIVE since I purchased them two weeks ago, and from what I've read, the ricefish are a month or so away from being large enough to breed. If you look at the large white ricefish, they have been moved to a neighbor's tank and just started breeding today!

I'd like to upgrade this to a 20g in order to give the corys more room and add more plants, and turn this tank into a grow out tank. There's a sale going on at a LFS this weekend, so I'll see if I can pick one up.


Stocking: 5x orange ricefish. I estimate they're a couple weeks away from being large enough to breed. They don't look great against the orange/red substrate unfortunately 😞

Plants: Java fern (also going to the goldfish tank, but the petsmart lace variant has begun propagating, so the babies will stay in here), vallisneria (half of which is going in the goldfish tank), spring onion, microsword, hairgrass, crypts, melon sword, monte carlo, frogbit, red root floaters, pearlweed, and possibly dwarf sag. If you couldn't tell, I love plants and I'd also like to sell cuttings for profit 🙂 I should, however, figure out which plant is which.

Plants are my ultimate impulse purchase.

This weekend I'm gonna cut glass for the lid and actually pull the plants that are going in the goldfish rescape tank. I'm also gonna replant the pearlweed,

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Unfortunately as anticipated, the skinny ricefish didn't make it; after pulling it I noticed what I believe is a camallanus red worm coming out of its anus. I'd already started the second dose of paracleanse, so after that I'll wait a week or two, then begin deworming with levamisole just because these fish are so small. At the moment, the other 6 ricefish are energetic, eating well, and have round bellies.

Included is a picture of the fish; I'm not sure if the worm will show up as it retracted into the body as I was taking pictures and also poking it with a clay shaping tool. For some perspective on the size of this fish, it's laying on a Tetra test strip.


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1 hour ago, Levi_Aquatics said:

Looks Great! I am interested in trying to breed some outside this coming summer!

Thank you!

I've had a lot of fun with these guys; they're not easy to find but I was lucky in that a local breeder had them, and I found some at a LFS. There's platinum ricefish at the local aquascaping store that I look at longingly every time I go...one day...

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