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Earlier in the year. I thought I had Anubias rot. After after doing some research, It was more likely that I got overzealous with the glue, and got too much on the roots. 

Here is a good blog post about Anubias Rot.


Anubias rot is an uncommon disease that can affect anubias plants in the aquarium hobby. Unfortunately, there is very little information about how it starts and how to stop its spread. In this article, let's talk about the...



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I had an anubias from co op that I suspected rot. I contacted customer service and they confirmed. They refunded my money right away. When I took it out of the tank the rhizome was mush and had fungus growing around it. It also smelled horrible. Definitely rotten. I however did not glue it to anything, I simply wedged it between 2 rocks. None of my other plants seemed to be affected... granted that was the only anubias I had at the time. I have now added a few anubias nana petit and so far so good!

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Get every affected anubias plant (and all remnants) out of the tank. Do a large volume water change. Possibly do 2 smaller volume changes back to back if you have sensitive fish. Then cross your fingers and hope, and watch the remaining plants for signs of disease. Keep up on fertilizer and water changes. I did salvage most of mine this way.

If you want to try to salvage any part of the other plants, cut them back hard, so no mushy parts are left, and try to let them recover either in another tank with no anubias plants, or in a jar of dechlorinated water on the window sill. I have only managed to save one this way. It still only has one leaf months later.

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