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Found 7 results

  1. I got three different anubias from my LFS and they all ended up with rot. How long does the virus/bacteria stay in the water? can you add new anubias after a period of time? Or would it be safer to add java fern or buce instead? I have an awesome crypt lutea and a baby crypt wendtii and some RRF and floating water sprite in there, but wanted some more non-floating plants and want to attach them to the cholla wood - should I re-boil the wood to kill anything that may be left on the wood??
  2. About a month ago I got my first Nana, I attached it to a rock, put it in a 5 gallon tank and I dosed it weekly. However, this week they've been slowing dying, I didn't know they needed shade so just today I moved them under some and I have my snails there to clean up the decay. Can someone help analyze what else could've been the problem and How can I help them recover? I'm using Aquarium all in one fertilizer and I have a plant led light for about 8 hours a day.
  3. I just lost my Anubias coffeefolia to rot. The leaves started to yellow, then the rhizome turned white and mushy. I just pulled it out of the tank to see if there was anything salvageable on the rhizome, but all leaves and most roots fell off. I also have Anubias Golden in the tank, and so far it's growing and no discoloration. Would it be safe to put another Anubias in the same spot as the coffeefolia, or should I put in a different specises? I don't want to kill a second Anubias if the virus or bacteria will linger in the gravel and rocks.
  4. Well I found an anubias with its rhizome completely melted. It also smelled pretty awful. I'm really scared about it being the dreaded rot disease It was planted correctly (wedged in driftwood) 1) Can this spread to other rhizome plants like buce and bolbitis? 2) can this spread to other aquatic aroids like crypts or buce 3) can this spread from tank to tank - I am currently wiping down all shared tools with peroxide, rinsing, and allowing to fully dry. Should I be doing more. Anubias and buce are key elements in many of my tanks so this is really scary. It's been a week and only one anubias has exhibited these symptoms Thanks @Cory @Irene @Dean’s Fishroom
  5. So, I have failed every time I've tried to grow any type of Anubias plant. They all get a white-clear jacket of yuck around the rhizome and die off completely within 10 days. And I do mean die, the entire plant - leaves, stems, rhizome, roots - all go to mush and disintegrate. So I'm experimenting with a A. Barter tissue culture to see if any of these baby plants can get a foot hold and live in my water. Fingers crossed 🤞🤞
  6. I recently got this Anubias Nana from CoOP, it has only been in the tank for little over a day. After work I just saw what was once a leafy anubias to this... I'm still learning, but my tank has a ton of plants. And only a few petites have a few discolored leaves after a week or so. Anubias Nana Petite
  7. I'm pretty sure my Anubis is dying due to being planted incorrectly by planting the rison (spelling). Can I pull the plant out of the aquarium and put it in soil to bring it back to life than once thriving replant in the aquarium?
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