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Got the initial surge of plants I wanted, a few as pots and tissue culture so wanted to ask some advice of you better then me. Still waiting on a few select plants and weeping moss to finish but here it goes.


Cyptocoryne Retrospiralis, out of all 21 plants these ones seemed worse for wear. They (all plants) have only been in their new home for about 36 hours. They have a bit more green now instead of brown and sadness. But my question is what's best way to perk this guy back up ?


Monte Carlo, I've read a lot on this plant cause I absolute love the way it looks. But my question is, will it work? Right now they aren't really pushed into the substrate, just resting on top with a rock, bit of glue here and there. Should I try thinning and pushing further in? Or let it do its thing? And pray it takes hold?


Alternanthera Reineckii Mini, tissue culture. Everything I've read is hit or miss of them acclimating to the environment, this one I really wanted. So an insight? One is kinda losing some red and turn green a bit so idk if that's a melting trait or what.


Haven't added the Java moss, or weeping moss (waiting) might add some more anubias petites. But that's what I'm working with so far.

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1 hour ago, Mridul Singh said:

With all the plants you mentioned, waiting is the best method. Your crypt will bounce back up in a few weeks, the Monte Carlo will grow with no issue like that, and the AR mini will take around 2 weeks to adjust. Nice selection of plants! Just fertilize routinely, and make no sudden changes, and all the plants will do fine!

Ok, thank you. I did an 80% wc. Didn't consider checking amonia so early. It was at 1.5ppm. Not sure that amount would hurt but everyone says, water changes are key. During that time I added a little bit of Java moss I had. 

Right now, I'm using fluvals Stratum soil, eco complete, root tabs and fert by Aquarium co-op, and a low dose of seachems nitrogen. And easy carbon as well. My co2 system was broken by the littles and the gas escaped one day, just noticed this the other day. I'll have co2 arts inline diffuser and regulator here wenesday. So hopefully everything will work out ok. Not sure what fish I'll put in it yet but I'll wait about a month before that.

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Yeah the stratum releases ammonia initially, but the plants and water changes balance it out in time. That level should not hurt the plants, but it definitely will hurt the fish. The Co-Op's Easy Carbon acts more as an algaecide than an alternate carbon source, so I would lay off using it until your diffuser and regulator arrive Wednesday. The plants will do fine until then.

Your setup seems fine, and I'm sure the plants will grow swell in that tank. I'm excited to know what fish you put in the tank! Keep us posted on the tank!

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